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Some Human Sources of the UB (1992)
 pdf Gardner, York and Block (1997)  
 pdf Race in Context (1999)  
pdf Morontia Mota-New Perspective (2000)
pdf Mota - the Coda (2002)
pdf Consider the Source (2002)  
pdf 159:3 Instruction for Teachers and Believers (2001, 2011)  
pdf The Urantia Atmosphere (2004, 2011)   
The Rodan Parallels (2003, 2011)
Bill Sadler Comments on Rodan
The World's Religions (2003)  
The 1943 Midwayer Messages (2004, 2012)
155:5-6 Discourses on True Religion (2011)
16:7 Morals, Virtue and Personality (2011)
139- Apostles Study Part I (2010)
188:4-5 Lessons from the Cross (2011)

  Urantia Book Source Studies by Matthew Block

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Our Direction
Your actual achievement is not so important as the fact that the direction of your progress is Godward. What you are becoming day by day is of infinitely more importance than what you are today (47:5.7). your direction
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What counts is not so much our actual achievement at any given moment as the direction of our progress; what we are becoming is vastly more important than what we are.
--Charles Fiske and Burton Scott Easton (1929)

Articles and Section Studies
"Lessons from the Cross" (188:4-5)


Apostles Study:
Part I Paper 139


"Morals, Virtue, and Personality" (16:7)

Discourses on True Religion (155:5-6)

The 1943 Midwayer Messages
(2004, 2012)

Paper 131 - The World's Religions (2003)

The Rodan Parallels (2003)

The Urantia Atmosphere
(2002, 2011)

Consider the Source (2002)

Instruction for Teachers and Believers (159:3)
(2001, 2013)

Mota: The Coda (2002)

Morontia Mota-A New Perspective (2000)

Race in Context (1999)

Gardner, York and Block (1997)

Some Human Sources
of the Urantia Book