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1. What is the Urantia Book?
2. Is the Urantia Book a New Age book?
3. Who wrote the Urantia Book?
4. Is Urantia a new religion?
5. Is Urantia a cult?
6. Where should I start reading?
7. Who reads the Urantia Book?
8. How many people read the Urantia Book?
9. How many languages has the book been translated into?
10. Do readers have rituals, dogmas or religious practices?
11. What makes the Urantia Book different from other revelations?
12. Is the Urantia Book an "inspired" work?
13. Isn't the Bible enough? Why do we need the Urantia Book?
14. How does the Urantia Book compare to the Bible?
15. Is the Urantia Book a rewriting of the Bible?
16. The Bible states there can be no other revelation, so how can the Urantia Book be valid?
17. Is the Urantia Book similar to A Course in Miracles? go
18. Do I have to give up my church if I embrace the Urantia teachings?
19. Does this book claim to contain all truth for all time?
20. How do I know the book is true?
21. How can I meet other readers?
22. How do Urantia Book readers get together?

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - with multiple answers from readers around the world

17. Is the Urantia Book similar to A Course in Miracles?

ANSWER #1: A Course in Miracles also claims to be transmitted through superhuman sources. However, people with knowledge of both bodies of information feel that the Course focuses on individual healing, personal transformation, and the individual experience of spirituality. While the Urantia Book has much to offer in these areas, it also contains a universal group perspective and gives us a broad picture of the universe we are a part of.

ANSWER #2: A Course in Miracles, like many other revelations of truth that have been given to mankind, offers higher teachings for seekers, but it does not give the Urantia Book’s “big picture” that fits our origin, history and destiny within a universe framework. ACIM focuses on one aspect of God’s amazing plan, and for those who are seeking such knowledge it is a useful tool.