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Life on Other Worlds by Saskia Praamsma
The World Unseen Earths in the Universe Intra Muros A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands   From the Celestial Spheres  
The Realms Beyond Two Years in Heaven The Life Beyond the Veil The Planet Mars and Its Inhabitants   The Blue Island  

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The free online book collection has been moved to its own website www.LifeOnOtherWorlds.com

The Urantia Book convinced me beyond a doubt that we live after death, that this life is the beginning of an eternity of living, and that there is abundant life on other worlds. But the UB does not give enough details to satisfy me, and leaves me hungering for more.

For instance, the mansion world papers tell us that upon our arrival there we will be "assigned a residence." Intriguing, but this information only serves to arouse my curiosity. What do these residences look like? How are they appointed? Do they have furniture? What will our new bodies look like? How will we recognize our friends and loved ones? What type of work will be doing?

This started me off on a 30-year search for more details, and seek and you shall find! First in the metaphysical and occult sections of used book stores and later via the Internet, I have found firsthand accounts of life on those worlds by former mortals and advanced beings, transmitted from higher realms through those humans who have the gift of mediumship.

When the Urantia Book closes the door on world-to-world communications by referring to "the sordid performances taking place under the general designation of "spiritualism," I assume they mean those practitioners who defraud the public. God never shuts the door on those who seek further knowledge, and I endlessly remind myself that "with God all things are possible."  It has been proven over and over that mind-to-mind communication is possible, therefore I dismiss these negative UB statements as human prejudices that somehow crept into the revelation. Nothing touched by human hands is infallible. While I don't believe every word of these accounts below, they can't all be frauds!

And as to their differenceswould five Earthlings from different continents describe life on Urantia in the same way? Of course not, yet there would be enough similarities to provide a good overall picture.

I have been thrilled, enlightened and inspired by information given in the books listed below, many of which are online either here or linked to other sites. This is a growing list and more will be added, and if anyone can steer me to similar works I will include them. Many of these books are in public domain, and those still under copyright or not yet digitized will be linked to a site where they can be purchased. Happy reading!

The free online book collection has been moved to its own website www.LifeOnOtherWorlds.com