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The Green Man and his Return

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Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's 
The Green Man

RECENTLY the heirs of Harold Sherman discovered approximately 250 brand-new leftover copies of the 1979 edition of The Green Man and His Return, a book that could be regarded as the first work of science fiction based on Urantia concepts. Written while the Shermans were attending the Forum in Chicago in 1946-47 and studying the Urantia papers, this collector's item (offered at exorbitant prices on the Internet) is now available to Urantia Book readers at a special price of $15 plus $3 shipping and handling ($1 extra per additional book) until supplies run out. Send your check to:
PO BOX 51247

ASTOUNDING, almost beyond belief, Harold Sherman, sensitive, one of the world’s most renowned lay authorities on extrasensory perception, wrote two novels in the years 1946 and 1947, published in Amazing Stories Magazine, which envisioned the visits to Planet Earth of Space People. Because Sherman had described his leading character, Numar, as green complexioned, when sightings of UFOs began to take place, "little green men" became a part of the literature. This is still true today—Space People are often reported as "green in color" But Sherman went far beyond his description of the appearance of Space Beings. He told of the power of spaceships to stop car and plane motors, and cause electrical blackouts which commenced happening a year or so later, after private pilot, Kenneth Arnold, first reported the sighting of glowing objects—which he called “flying saucers”—in the night skies over Northern California,

The first Green Man novel caused such a sensation in its day, that readers wrote Amazing Stories editor Ray Palmer demanding a sequel. Sherman responded with another novel, under the title The Green Man Returns, which was published in December 1947. In it, he had the Super Being, Numar, preceded by a Great Light which illumined the entire heavens, as he returned to Planet Earth with a fleet of his fellow creatures, landing at the capitol of every country, at a time when the earth people were in danger of destroying themselves by atomic warfare. Both novels . . . are filled with one precognitive incident after another, many of which have already been transformed from science fiction to fact by actual happenings. All that remains is for an enactment of the Grand Finale as depicted in Sherman’s thrilling denouement—the appearance all over this world of spaceships on a gigantic mission designed to save the earth population from self-destruction.

Here, then, gentle reader, is your opportunity to relive the past, through these remarkable Green Man novels, and to prepare yourself for the possible future which may be bringing events that will be destined to affect your life and the lives of all your fellow humans for all time to come!


As a long time writer of books on self-help and extrasensory perception, as well as being a sensitive who has been able, from time to time, to demonstrate authenticated cases of long distance telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition, I have had many recorded visions and dreams of events which have come to pass.

Some time in the year 1945, when Martha and I were living in Chicago, I had a series of visions wherein I saw Space Beings, possessed of high intelligence, visiting our Earth in space ships of different shapes and sizes, for the purpose of exploration and eventually to fill our skies with large space vehicles, coming in force, hopefully on a friendly mission to help Mankind save itself from self-destruction.

These impressions were not of the kind to write serious articles about, as I knew editors of important publications would not accept them. Up to that time I had never written a Science Fiction story but I decided that it would be the only medium through which I could reach the reading public. I felt, too, that the employment of humor might be a disarming way to get serious ideas across, so the first Green Man novel was born. Its immediate reader response gave evidence that the message had hit the target. In my sequel, The Green Man Returns, I was able to "pull out all stops" and present my real vision.

To my knowledge, I was the first one who mentioned the power of space ships to stop car motors and cause electrical blackouts. It is possible that many science‑fiction writers not only possess vivid imaginations but also, when they concentrate on speculations of the future, actually project themselves ahead in time and sense events and inventions that are forming in some higher dimensions.

Knowing of my extensive experience with telepathy, many have asked me if I have been contacted by any space people as yet or have tried to communicate with them. I must truthfully answer no. But, allowing for the existence of higher intelligence on and about this earth, I would not rule out eventual communication as a possibility, if it has not already occurred in some instances.