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A cause supported by Urantia Book readers
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The Mind, Body and Spirit Church

"Our goal includes building bridges between various factions so that everyone can work together as a family."

Mind, Body & Spirit, Inc. was formed to formalize the relationship of the Urantia Book readers in Tallahassee, Florida. Although the group initially gathered to read the Urantia Book, we were really put into high gear when for ten years we were taught by a celestial teacher named “Will” who encouraged us to spend time with God every day, to provide selfless service and to treat everyone like our brother or sister. [Read more of this story in Fred Harris's online book, Correcting Time]. These spiritual lessons were the springboard for much of what we have done thereafter. 

People affiliated with MBS have come and gone over the years, but presently the board and members are Paula Sutton, Helen Luke, Judy Langston, Linda MacDonald, Anne Bowman, Steffani Murray, and Fred Harris.  MBS is also affiliated with The Association for Light and Life.

Just a few of the things that Mind, Body, and Spirit have sponsored or supported over the years:

1.  We sponsored the Network of the Heart gathering at a Methodist retreat center in Fayetteville, Arkansas,in 1994.

center within2. We edited and published (with Byron Belitsos and Elianne Obadia)
The Center Within, Lessons from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation.

3. We sponsored eight years of Celestial Nights, February gatherings of our friends at the beaches of North Florida. Read about and relive CN2003 and CN2008.

4. We built a Temple to the Father in the woods near Tallahassee.

5. Every week we publish a Urantia Book quote in the local newspaper along with an invitation to the public to attend our meetings (and some did).  We didn’t know if anyone was reading them, but when we stopped for a few weeks, we heard from some people that they missed seeing them, so we continued.  You never know.

6. MBS is a church recognized by the IRS and contributions to MBS are tax deductible. As a result, we have raised funds and contributed funds to many different projects, including:         

[ABOVE] Anne Bowman, Paula Sutton, Fred Harris, Helen Luke, (front) Anne's son Alex.
[BELOW] Steffani Murray, Judy Langston, Linda MacDonald


The purposes of the Corporation are:

This Corporation is a church with purposes which are solely and entirely charitable, religious, spiritual, educational and scientific, and within such type of activities, its purposes include:

A.  To foster faith in God, by the primary means of disseminating the teachings of The Urantia Book through a ministry of tolerance of other beliefs and loving concern for all men and women. 

B.  To deliver the good news of the one God in heaven and the gift of eternal life which all receive by faith.

C.  To proclaim the salvation of God for all people, and to minister to the sick and afflicted, and set free those who are bound by fear and enslaved by evil.

D.  To establish, operate, support and encourage spiritual centers and communities which will assist in the search for truth, beauty and goodness in everyday lives, through concepts presented in The Urantia Book and in other spiritual teachings.

E.  To support, encourage and strengthen all religious institutions toward the fulfillment of their unique potentials in ministering to the spiritual needs of the public.

F.  To aid, support, maintain, and assist, by gift, donation or otherwise, established religious or charitable institutions, whose objects or purposes are to give religious, spiritual, educational or charitable assistance to children, maimed, crippled, aged, indigent or needy persons, or to aid, support, maintain, assist, give, or donate to such individuals who are deserving of charitable or spiritual assistance.

G.  To assist by gift, loan, or otherwise such talented, industrious, or needy persons, as shall be selected by the Directors of this Corporation, to pursue their religious or spiritual studies in any school or university approved by such Directors.

H.  To proclaim this gospel of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of people to all nations and races and ever be wise in our choice of methods for presenting the good news.

I.   To maintain as its symbol the banner of Michael, the material emblem of the Trinity government of all creation, the three azure blue concentric circles on a white background.  These three concentric circles are emblematic of the infinity, eternity, and universality of the Paradise Trinity.

J.  To operate through its officers, Directors, committees, or other agencies.

Mind, Body & Spirit, is recognized as an entity where contributions to it are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.
See attached IRS ruling