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Urantia Book Study Aids  

Paper 58: "Life Establishment on Urantia" Condensed and Illustrated
Paper 59: "The Marine Life Era on Urantia" Condensed and Illustrated 
How are Man and the Ape Related?pdfdownload
Pictorial Chart Relating Primates to Humanspdfdownload
Charts and Study Aids
The Human Race by Saskia Praamsma  Andonites / Six Sangik Races / Nodites / Adamites / Andites
Ascent to Paradise Journey From Urantia to Paradise in Six Minutes!
Don Estes's Urantia Book Flow Chart jpegdownload small sample
Truthbook's online Urantia Book Timeline
Gary Tonge's online Master Universe Map 
Hara Davis' Urantia Study Aids

urantia book Source Studies  
Urantia Book Source Studies main page
Paper 59 - The Marine Life Era on Urantia pdf (2012)
Paper 61 - The Mammalian Era on Urantia pdf (2012)
Paper 85 - The Origins of Worshippdf
Paper 86 - Early Evolution of Religionpdf (2011)
Paper 87 - The Ghost Cultspdf (2011)
Paper 88 - Fetishes, Charms and Magicpdf (2011)
Paper 90 - Shamanism - Medicine Men and Priestspdf (2011)
Paper 91 - The Evolution of Prayerpdf (2010)
Paper 92 - The Later Evolution of Religionpdf
Paper 95 - The Melchizedek Teachings in the Levantpdf
Paper 96 - Yahweh - God of the Hebrewspdf (2011)
Paper 98 - The Melchizedek Teachings in the Occidentpdf (2010)
Paper 99 - The Social Problems of Religionpdf (2010)
Paper 100 - Religion in Human Experiencepdf (2010)
Paper 101 - The Real Nature of Religionpdf (2011) 
Paper 102 - The Foundations of Religious Faith pdf (2011) 
Paper 103 - The Reality of Religious Experiencepdf (2010)
Paper 160 - Rodan of Alexandriapdf revised from 2003 (2010)
Paper 161 - Further Discussions with Rodanpdf
Paper 170 - The Kingdom of Heavenpdf (2010)
Paper 195 - After Pentecostpdf (2010)
Paper 196 - The Faith of Jesuspdf (2010)
Lessons from the Cross - Sections 4 & 5 from Paper 188 (2011)
Some Sadler Parallels (2011)
Sadler: The Truth About Spiritualism (2011)  
           Chapter 4 - The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism
Morals, Virtue, and Personality (16:7) (2010)
Apostles Study: Part I, Paper 139
Ernest Fremont Tittle and The Discourses on True Religion (2010)
The 1943 Midwayer Messages (2004)
Did Dr. Sadler Write Paper 88? (2004)
The World's Religions (2003)
The Rodan Parallels (2003)
The Urantia Atmospherepdf
Mota the Coda/Part Twopdf (2002)
Consider the Sourcepdf (2002)
Instruction for Teachers and Believers (159:3; 1765-67)pdf (2000)
Morontia Mota, a New Perspective/Part Onepdf (2000)
Race in Contextpdf (1999)
Gardner, York and Block (1997)
Some Human Sources of the Urantia Book (1992-1993)
Selected Source Quotes
Urantia Movement History  

The Plan for the Urantia Book Revelationpdf by Carolyn B. Kendall 
Major Growth Steps in the Urantia Movement by Meredith Sprunger
"I Remember the Forum"pdf HIFTUB stories and others, with pictures
"Until We Meet Again"pdf Compiled by Saskia Praamsma
The Split - A Blessing in Disguise by Saskia Praamsma
The Petition - presented to Dr. Sadler by the 48 Forum members, September 4, 1942
How I Found the Urantia Book Compiled by Saskia Praamsma
How the Papers Came Throughpdf [Chapter 8 of The Sherman Diaries, Volume 2]
Forum Data and Apocryphapdf [from the Appendix of The Sherman Diaries, Volume 2]
Childhood at the Forumpdf by Mark Kulieke (Study Group Herald, August 1993)
Urantia Community News Items for 2003 [returning soon]
Urantia Movement Newsletters 1955 to Present
Forum Dayspdf from How I Found the Urantia Book
A History of the Urantia Papersonline by Larry Mullins
The Value of an Accurate History by Saskia Praamsma
533 Diversey Parkway compiled by Saskia Praamsma
The Forumites compiled by Saskia Praamsma
Part One: Book Publishing Harold Sherman's 1942 Suggestions for Dr. Sadler
Part Two: Organizations Harold Sherman's 1942 Suggestions for Dr. Sadler
Separate Publishing of Part IVpdf
The JANR Debatepdf
No Urantia Church - Not Yet!
by Saskia Raevouri
A Box of Chocolates by Phil Geiger
Open Letter to Larry Mullins from Niann Emerson Chase (2003)
Urantia in Australia in the 1970s: Origins of the Universal Brotherhood by Stephen Carthew


J.J. Benitez: J.J. The Baptist?pdf by Rosey Lieske and Olga Lopez
The Italian Translation Project
La Storia de Il Libro di Urantia
Translations 2010pdf online Urantia Foundation News Online


The Architecture of the Universe and the Urantia Bookpdf by Frederick L. Beckner
Stars, Galaxies, Superuniverses and the Urantia Bookpdf by Frederick L. Beckner
Monmatia Revisitedpdf by Bill Laurune
Earth-Moon Evolution by Dr. Phil Calabrese
A Tale of Two Orvontons by Dick Bain
Urantia, 606 of Sataniapdf by Israel Dix
A.A. Zachow, Revelation Worker
and his pdf article in Cosmic Frontiers, April 1977


Jesus the Boatbuilder and the Ancient Boat by Saskia Praamsma
Ancient Cypruspdf by Stefan Tallqvist
India: Lost Cities Foundpdf Compiled by Saskia Praamsma
Did the Jews Really Not Bury Their Dead?pdf by Charles Arterburn
Atlantis/Urantia Book Parallels by Robert Sarmast
First Eden/Atlantis Analysis pdf by Commodore Robert Stanley Bates

Urantia Community  

Building a Temple to the Father by Fred Harris
Celestial Nights 2003 at Cape San Blas FL
Celestial Nights 2004 at Cape San Blas FL by Al Wolf
Celestial Nights 2008 at St. George Island FL
A Voice from the Garden by Meredith Tenney

Urantia Outreach  

Sowing Urantia Seeds in Indiapdf by Bhagavan Buritz
The Dauntless Norman Ingrampdf (1999) by Saskia Praamsma
Norman Ingram's Venice Beach Boothpdf by Richard Omura
Outreach 2000pdf
The Revelation in Capetownpdf
Joys of Service - Urantia Book Prison Ministry by Joy Brandt (2003)
The Kenya Sewing Machine Project by Meredith Tenney
Pipeline of Light by Michelle Klimesh
Mark Bloomfield's South African Book Seeding Mission
Here and Now by Mark Bloomfield
A Letter of Gratitude from South Africa by Simone Cox
Urantia Book Radio Interviews
The UB in India: The 2008 World Book Fair in Delhi by Paula Thompson
Operation Reach Back by Pamela Burr and Paula Thompson
Mission to Patagonia by Pradhana Fuchs
Atacama Mission: "Seeding the Desert" by Jon DeToy [2011]
Mission to South Africa by Buck Weimer and Charlene Morrow
Mind, Body and Spirit Church of Tallahassee by Fred Harris
Pato Banton in Santa Fe NM, April 6, 2009 by John Wilcox
Pato Banton's Outreach Ministry
The 2010 Cosmic Road Show by Andrea Barnes

Teaching Mission  

Welcome to Change online by Bob Slagle
Correcting Time by Fred F. Harris Jr. online eBook
The Second Revelatory Transcripts (2004)

Book Reviews and Articles  

The Amazing Gerdean Saskia Praamsma reports on The Zo'oid Mission
Birth of a Divine Revelationpdf reviewed by Matthew Rapaport
Secondary Works - What Works?pdf by Saskia Praamsma
Gardner, Moyer and Mullins: Three Historiespdf by Matthew Rapaport
Secondary Works: Reviews and Descriptions, 2002pdf
The Urantia Book and OAHSPE compared by Harold Sherman
Larry Mullins Reports on The Sherman Diariespdf
Spirits of Promise
Gerdean O'Dell


God's Orchestra by Saskia Praamsma
A Third Opinion by Dick Bain pdf

Spiritual Travel  

Our Visit to Findhorn by Saskia Raevouri (1985)
Mediterranean Adventure with Joy Brandt and Saskia Raevouri (1998)
A Visit to Russiapdf by Cathy Jones
Journeys to FreeSchools in India

Cartoons and more  

Cartoons and more inspired by the Urantia Book