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by Bill Laurune
Earth-Moon Evolution
by Dr. Phil Calabrese
A Tale of Two Orvontons
by Dick Bain
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by Israel Dix
A.A. Zachow, Revelation Worker
and his article in Cosmic Frontiers, April 1977
Jesus the Boatbuilder and the Ancient Boat by Saskia Praamsma
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by Stefan Tallqvist
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Compiled by Saskia Praamsma
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Building a Temple to the Father
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by Simone Cox
India: The 2008 World Book Fair in Delhi
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by Pamela Burr and Paula Thompson
Mission to Patagonia
by Pradhana Fuchs


Atacama Mission: "Seeding the Desert"
by Jon DeToy [2011]
Mission to South Africa
by Buck Weimer and Charlene Morrow
Mind, Body and Spirit Church of Tallahassee by Fred Harris
Pato Banton in Santa Fe NM 2009
by John Wilcox
Pato Banton's Outreach Ministry
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by Andrea Barnes
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The Amazing Gerdean Saskia Praamsma reports on The Zo'oid Mission
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Correcting Time
by Fred Harris
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Our Visit to Findhorn 1985
by Saskia Raevouri (1985)
Mediterranean Adventure 1998
with Joy Brandt and Saskia Raevouri (1998)
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by Cathy Jones
Journeys to FreeSchools in India
A cause supported by Urantia Book readers
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Fred Harris - general
Paula Sutton – sheets/finances
Judy Langston – food/general
 Ron Harrell – breakfast
Larry Cerro – volunteers
Helen Luke – after hours break out sessions/opportunities

Wednesday, February 12

 3:30 pm – assemble at amphitheater on Fred's property near Tallahassee
4:00 pm – Temple dedication
7:00 pm – Dinner at Fred’s

a look at the property propertyentrance.jpg (45626 bytes) property3.jpg (34210 bytes) property4.jpg (33778 bytes) propertylake.jpg (53039 bytes)
property1.jpg (51769 bytes) propertyfredasheded.jpg (52685 bytes) property2.jpg (57995 bytes) propertycfsee.jpg (63580 bytes) propertylake2.jpg (66006 bytes)
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Thursday, February 13
10:30 am – Assemble at Taste Buds restaurant for caravan to Cape San Blas
11:00 am – Caravan leaves Taste Buds for beach
12:15 pm – Lunch at Carrabelle Beach
2:00 pm – Check into houses at the Cape (get keys at Fred’s beach house)
4:00 pm – Assemble at tent on the beach 
4:10 pm – Welcoming Introduction
4:45 pm - Praise and Worship – led by Cathy Harrell
5:15 pm – New attendees introduction
6:29 pm – Sunset Celebration
7:00 pm – Dinner
8:00 pm – Bonfire on the beach
gathering at Judy's Taste Buds restaurant tastebudsassemble1.jpg (52105 bytes) tastebudsassemble2.jpg (46768 bytes) where we stopped for lunch at Carrabelle Beach lunchcarrabellebeach.jpg (35979 bytes)
Cape San Blas, with Fred's beach house in the center beachlookingright.jpg (28148 bytes) beachfredshouse.jpg (36129 bytes) beachlookingleft.jpg (31877 bytes) beachfredsandwich.jpg (34076 bytes)
  beachgroup2.jpg (54236 bytes) beachsunsetwatch.jpg (30036 bytes) beachgroup.jpg (40891 bytes)  
in the kitchen/dining room diningkitchencrew.jpg (41835 bytes) diningbuffet.jpg (51797 bytes) diningpaula.jpg (37826 bytes) diningkerryalrob.jpg (25802 bytes)
singing happy birthday to the February people diningsinginghappybday.jpg (34176 bytes) diningfebruarybirthdays.jpg (38485 bytes)    
Friday, February 14
7-8:45 am – Breakfast at Ron & Cathy’s house
9:30 am – Gathering in the tent/Praise and Worship – led by Elianne
10:00 am – Eric Schelin “Balanced Living”
10:30 am – Paul Kemp “The Correcting Time”
11:00 am – Edmund Kuell
“Lifestyle Nutrition”
11:30 am - Steffani Murray
Noon -  World Sound Healing Day – 5 minutes of “AH”
12:15 pm – Lunch
2:00 pm – Praise & Worship with Thomas Griffin 
2:30 pm - Robert Firestine
3:00 pm – Rob Crickett
6:30 pm – Sunset Celebration
7:00 pm – Dinner
8:00 pm – Dance/Bonfire on the beach
the "tent experience" tent3.jpg (32710 bytes) tent4.jpg (22594 bytes) tent2.jpg (22585 bytes)  
  tentgriffin.jpg (40417 bytes) tent1.jpg (35511 bytes) tentsinging.jpg (40463 bytes)  
Saturday, February 15
7-8:45 am – Breakfast at Ron & Cathy’s house
9:00 am – Gathering in the tent/Praise and Worship – led by Krista Soots/Music by Thomas Griffin
9:30 am – Reverend Tommy Griffin
11:00 am – Peri Best
11:15 am – Doug Childers “Partnership with God”
11:45 am – Michael Mann “I am the Buddha”
Noon – Lunch
2:00 pm – Al Wolfe “Status Report”
2:30 pm – Saskia Raevouri “Square Circles”
3:00 pm – Meredith Tenney “Women’s Corp”
3:30 pm – Dennis Appling
4:00 pm – Praise and Worship led by Cathy Harrell
6:30 pm – Sunset Celebration
7:00 pm – Dinner
8:00 pm – Bonfire on the beach
everyone has a turn to speak ... tentgaryabel.jpg (28054 bytes) tentpaulkemp.jpg (25537 bytes) tentalwolf.jpg (30703 bytes) tentrobal.jpg (32213 bytes)
tentlynpaulsas.jpg (37495 bytes) tentsas.jpg (41716 bytes) tentdougchilders.jpg (34356 bytes) tentsas2.jpg (33325 bytes) tentsasperipaula.jpg (41023 bytes)
tentstephaniewomenscorp.jpg (35726 bytes) tentmeredith.jpg (26204 bytes) tentperibest.jpg (37089 bytes) tentkimterry.jpg (29509 bytes)  

Sunday, February 16
-8:45 am – breakfast at Ron & Cathy’s house
9:30 am – Praise and Worship led by Cathy Harrell
10:00 am – Goodbyes/Prayer Circle
Noon – checkout time

"Last Supper"
in Tallahassee
dinner5.jpg (37851 bytes) dinner2.jpg (31574 bytes) dinner3.jpg (30982 bytes) dinner1.jpg (40158 bytes)
  dinner6.jpg (21280 bytes) dinner4.jpg (30137 bytes)    
MOnday, February 17
at the airport... airport1.jpg (22456 bytes) airport2.jpg (33425 bytes)