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harold & martha sherman
Articles and controversies
pdfForum Data and Apocrypha
Appendix of The Sherman Diaries, Vol. 2
The Forumites
compiled by Saskia Praamsma
pdfHow the Papers Came Through
Chapter 8 of Sherman Diaries, Vol. 2
The 1942 Petition
Presented to Dr. Sadler by 48 Forumites
pdfForum Days
from How I Found the Urantia Book
533 Diversey Parkway
compiled by Saskia Praamsma
pdfChildhood at the Forum
by Mark Kulieke (SGH, August 1993)
pdf"I Remember the Forum"
Early HIFTUB stories with pictures
pdf"Until We Meet Again"
Compiled by Saskia Praamsma
pdfPlan for the Urantia Book Revelation
by Carolyn B. Kendall 
Major Growth Steps in the Urantia Movement by Meredith Sprunger
How I Found the Urantia Book
Compiled by Saskia Praamsma
My Own HIFTUB Story
by Saskia Praamsma
The Split - A Blessing in Disguise
by Saskia Praamsma
What is the IUA?
Descriptions from two official sources
No Urantia Church - Not Yet!
by Saskia Praamsma
onlineA History of the Urantia Papers
by Larry Mullins
Open Letter to Larry Mullins
from Niann Emerson Chase (2003)


Three Histories
by Matthew Rapaport
pdfSeparate Publishing of Part IV
Is Harry McMullan breaking copyright laws?
pdfThe Jesus-A New Revelation Debate
Readers' pro and con viewpoints
A Box of Chocolates
by Phil Geiger
The Value of an Accurate History
by Saskia Praamsma
Harry J. Loose
Mysterious Forumite and Sherman mentor
Harold and Martha Sherman
and their relation to the Urantia work
Part One: Book Publishing
Sherman's 1942 suggestions for Dr. Sadler
Part Two: Organizations
Sherman's 1942 suggestions for Dr. Sadler
The ARA Messages (1941-42)
Sherman's TA communications
"Pipeline to God"—Chapter V of How To Know What to Believe by Harold Sherman
onlineRebuttal to "Pipeline to God"
Clyde Bedell's lengthy response
onlineResponse, "Pipeline"/HTKWTB
Meredith Sprunger's comments 
Editor's Note for Sherman Diaries
Saskia Praamsma
The Sherman Diaries
Editors, Saskia Praamsma, Matthew Block
pdf Letter from Ingo Swann
Friend of the Shermans shows appreciation
pdf Editorial, The Sherman Diaries
Review by Larry Mullins
Postscript to Urantia, The Great Cult Mystery Martin Gardner, 2008
Translation histories  
[English] The Italian Translation Project
[Italian] La Storia de Il Libro di Urantia
pdfJ.J. Benitez: J.J. The Baptist?
by Rosey Lieske and Olga Lopez
pdf Translations 2010
Urantia Foundation News
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[International Urantia Association]

What IUA is Not
Click here to read it on the IUA website**

"The IUA should not be confused with the spiritual fellowship of the kingdom of heaven, even though it is intended to foster that fellowship. IUA is not a religious organization, is not associated with any religion, and is not a competitor of any religion, even though it is comprised of individual religionists. IUA has no creeds, dogmas, priests, rituals, or holy books. IUA welcomes people of all faiths, races, and nationalities.

"IUA is not designed to carry the teachings of The Urantia Book to planetary culture in its own name nor to be a direct agent of change in religious, political, social, or economic institutions. However, individuals who are engaged in all sorts of creative enterprises may be nourished by the interaction provided by the IUA. Where individuals are always free to express their own views as their own views, IUA as a group has no opinions to express on religious, political, economic, or social issues. Its focus is to remain on The Urantia Book and its teachings."

Finding Readers in Florida
Click here to read it on the USUA website**

"In the United States and Puerto Rico, International Urantia Associations are growing because Urantia Book readers want to be part of an organization that appreciates the work of Urantia Foundation and supports the "Declaration of Trust Creating Urantia Foundation." Such is the case in Florida.

"The Urantia Association of Florida, under the leadership of Dick Ziglar, strives to find readers who share their basic beliefs regarding essential ideals. They desire to maintain unity, harmony, and solidarity within the organization. 'It only makes sense to bring compatible people into your organization,' says Dick. 'It makes little sense to allow individuals to infiltrate a group who have hidden agendas or causes that are not in concert with the main body of the group.'

"And they are clear about who they want and who they do not want in their group. We do not allow Fellowship members/sympathizers in our society, and neither do we allow channelers or those who would compromise the teachings of the Urantia Book, people who, for example, still believe in reincarnation or believe that Jesus was on the same level as Buddha, Confucius, etc.

" 'We never entertain a mixture of philosophies,' he says, 'such as studying Urantia Book one hour and A Course In Miracles the next hour. Everyone in our society is exclusively devoted to the dissemination and teachings of one book at our study groups and meetings. We consider ourselves a well-unified group and as such we don't even want 'fence straddlers' in our organization.' "

*Now named UAI = Urantia Association International
**Unfortunately these 2003 links no longer work, but I am sure the above statements are documented elsewhere.SP