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How I Found the Urantia BookLAMAR ZABIELSKI (1977) 

RAISED CATHOLIC, I went through the hoops and was confirmed at age fourteen, in 1964. When I was sixteen I volunteered at a hospital as a weekend aid to patients in the Candy Striper program. When I got in the van to go there, I discovered that all the other volunteers were girls. The coordinators didn’t know what to do with a boy in the program because Candy Stripers wore dresses striped like a candy cane, so they gave me gray garb and called me a “Gray.” Doing this work was fun, and it gave me an excuse to quit going to church.

While in the army in 1972, I had my dog tags changed to “no preference” as to religion. By then I considered myself an atheist. But EST ads got me looking for other ways to make sense of our antlike existence. I got involved in New Age studies, old-cult studies, numerology, astrology, and so on. But it wasn’t until I learned to appreciate a flower and began to consider the wonders of nature that I switched from atheist to agnostic. Paths are many, but God is one.

Around 1977 I was sharing life with a dear woman in a Chicago suburb when she pointed to a big blue book in her library and said, “You should read that book.” I looked at it and said to myself, “Yeah, sure—like I’m gonna read a book that big!”

A few months after that, I was visiting my older sister in Lexington, Kentucky. My brother Steve happened to be there at the same time, fresh from life in California and eager to share what he’d learned from the Don Juan books. One day he and I were in a bookstore when I noticed the big blue book sitting on the shelves. I pointed to it and said to Steve, “You should read that book.” He looked at it and said, “Wow! This is the same book I saw on a ride while hitchhiking Highway 1 along the coast!”

Steve bought it and really got into it. Over the next year his enthusiasm induced me, another brother, and our mother to read it.

 I still remember the moment I accepted Jesus, as I was driving down a road at midnight on December 1, 1978, with dark softball fields on the right and houses on the left. Since then I have taken on life with the peace of one who knows the big picture.

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