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How I Found the Urantia Book—JOHN DUPREE (1978) 

MY FATHER DIED unexpectedly when I was thirteen. I still remember him watching an obscure program on TV every Sunday morning that featured a man talking about God and our relationship to him. Later, my brothers became involved with this man, who was training a group of people to prepare for the second coming of Christ. The group held many meetings and even used biofeedback to achieve a better communion with their indwelling spirit.

My brother Pat mentioned that he’d perceived “another presence” at a meeting one time, but astonishingly he was told to ignore it by the teacher. This group was to become glorified upon Christ’s return and help to establish a spiritual kingdom here on earth. Their beliefs about life after death—that we would all be together again with our earthly father in glorified bodies—gave me the strength to endure my father’s death and to regard it as just a vacation he was on for a while.

Although I wasn’t a member of this group, I desired to find my own way to prepare myself and others for this great impending event. Then, when I was eighteen, the Urantia papers were introduced to me by my drawing instructor, Richard Hill, at the Atlanta College of Art. I readily accepted the truths from the beginning; the book helped to unify my understanding of the world of ideas presented in my classes, and to awaken me to my own spirituality.

That first year in art school stands out as one of the most memorable periods of my life. As I was being born intellectually and spiritually, this blue bible found its way into my hands almost every day. Many of the questions I had built up for years were answered in its pages. For instance, I was thankful to find out that there was no hell; having been raised a Catholic, hell was a constant fear of mine, and I could never really reconcile it with a loving God.

After many years as a lone reader, in 1997 I searched “Urantia” on the Web, and among over three hundred entries up popped www.urantia.org. That’s where I found a listing for Hal and Lucille Kettell’s Arcadia study group. Being with this group has changed my life, and has made me wonder why I waited so long to reach out to such a truth-loving fellowship.

I pray to find the way to God, to gain the courage and discipline to seek with a whole heart, and to be of loving service to other truth seekers or to any being who needs me.

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