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How I Found the Urantia Book—paul hall (1978) 

IT WAS 1978. My friend Doug’s brother, who was going to the University of California at Berkeley at the time, gave Doug a book that he had been reading with others in the San Francisco Bay area. One night Doug introduced this book to my friend Bruce and me. The three of us—Doug, Bruce and I—had rented a motel room where we spent three days, armed with our UB, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, a Bible, Clyde Bedell’s Concordex, and enough crank to keep us from falling asleep, trying to find in the Urantia Book where God lived.

At first I had a strong feeling that this book was authored by the devil, but it had so many answers to questions that I’ve always wondered about, that after three days I decided that this was not the work of the devil and it was not the work of any man.

Not knowing anything but what was written on the inside cover of the Urantia Book, I was off to the largest used book store to find a copy. I saw a new one behind the counter for $45. Too much for me. I searched from 8 a.m. when it opened until 5 p.m. when it closed, but I didn’t find a used copy of the book.

As I was leaving by the back door, a young woman with a large pile of books was struggling to get in. I helped her with the door, and as she passed I couldn’t help but see this big blue book. She was arranging the books on the counter when I approached and asked her if that was a Urantia Book. She said yes, and sold it to me for $5.

It’s really amazing that I still have that book today. One day it was sitting together with a Concordex in the back of a van, when we turned a corner too fast. Five gallons of paint went everywhere. The Concordex was a total loss, but the UB didn’t have a drop of paint on it, although the two books were sitting one on top of the other in the back of the van. Just another miracle.

For a long time I was an isolated reader. It was a rewarding experience to find the book on my own, and then to come to believe by faith that it was what it claimed to be. But it’s always nice to find other readers—I’ve met a few over the years.

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