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How I Found the Urantia Book—PAUL DEFOURNEAUX (1978) 

IN 1978 I was working as an assistant to a plastic surgeon and had a promising career. We used pharmaceutical cocaine quite often in surgery and it was my responsibility to throw away what was left over because it was no longer sterile and could not be used again. Being raised Jewish, I could not let all of this possible money go down the drain, so I kept it and sold it to friends. Most of them were professional people with much to lose if they acted irresponsibly.

This went on until a friend got into trouble and sold me out to get out of trouble. I ended up doing thirty days on a six-year sentence and losing my license. Because I had money and an influential father, I did very little time in the prison system. Three days before I was to be released I was given a copy of the Urantia Book to read. The person who showed it to me had smuggled it out of the prison library and was going to take it home with him. He told me that this book had all the answers to all the questions about who we are and where we come from.

Once I started reading it I could not put it down. I told all my close friends about it but their reactions were disappointing. The book always stayed in my mind though, and remembering what Jesus said about not casting pearls before swine, it would be many years before I began actively promoting it again.

A few years ago I finally mentioned it to a friend who responded positively. I believe my guardian seraphim put us together, and now we are both active in the Foundation and study groups. I have realized that not everyone is ready for what the book has to offer, but when the time is right, and if I sense the person to be a good risk, I tell them about the book.

I believe that soon this life-changing book will become widely known throughout the entire world.

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