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How I Found the Urantia Book—DENNIS NICOMEDE (1976) 

AT AGE FIFTEEN I left the Catholic Church and began my quest for God. For years I looked high and low—in churches, synagogues and temples—for the “golden thread” that binds us all together. Wherever I looked I found those who believed in the Fatherhood of God but failed to accept any brotherhood beyond their own group.

I spent the next two years in the army, where for the first time I lost my faith in God. There was just too much death and destruction over ideology and cultural points of view, not to mention a long string of assassinations ending with the death of Robert Kennedy. At the time it was more than this heart could handle. But thanks to the ever-present spirit, my doubt lasted only a short while and was followed by a beautiful spiritual resurrection. After saying goodbye to Uncle Sam in 1969 I continued my divine search.

Next on the path was starting a small business with my father (it ultimately failed), then marrying my high-school sweetheart in 1971. After doing a short tour through metaphysics and mind-over-matter material, I found a small esoteric manuscript written in the 18th century. It was one of only five known copies. It was hard to decipher and didn’t make much sense to me at the time, but it was so rare, I assumed it must be valuable.

One evening in 1976 I was attending a party. It was there, while throwing darts, that I met a young man named Pat McNelly. We talked about religion and philosophy, and this became our common ground. When I told him about my manuscript, he asked to see it. A few days later, Pat stopped by my apartment, picked up the manuscript and off he went. Two days later he returned saying it was an interesting read, but if I wanted to read something really worthwhile, why not try this “small, blue book”? He then handed me my first copy of the Urantia Book. Thanks, Pat!

Wow! My first reading was full of aha! moments. I felt I had come home. My heart was filled with peace; my mind knew it had found the “golden thread” it was seeking. The great mystery was now an open secret. The truth I’ve found in the book and the good spirit I’ve found within the readership have forever added to my life.

My search was finally over, but the journey has just begun.

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Dennis circa 1978