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How I Found the Urantia Book—CHRISTOS KONSTAS (1976) 

THIS IS the story of how my parents, Zachos and Maria Konstas—and I—came to find the Urantia Book.

In 1975 my parents were in Switzerland attending a Krishnamurti convention. There they met a Swiss-German, Theo Schwartz, who gave them a copy of the Urantia Book in English, another one in French, and a Concordex. He also told them a story regarding its origin.

According to my parents, Theo Schwartz was a trustworthy and reliable person who had worked on the German translation of the Urantia Book, a fact that has been confirmed by others. Theo was said to have firsthand information about how the Papers came into existence. His source was his close friend, a Frenchman named Jacques Weiss, who (according to Theo) claimed to be an eyewitness to the events that led up to the appearance of the Urantia Papers. Weiss was also known in the Urantia community as having translated the UB into French. (His name appears on the title page of the first French edition.)

This is the story as told to my parents: Around 1910 a French girl confessed to her father that every night for two years she had been writing some strange things. When she handed her father the manuscript, he was surprised to see that it was written in English, a language his daughter did not know. The father, also no expert in English, took the manuscript to a friend of his. According to Theo, this friend could have been Jacques Weiss.

When the friend examined the manuscript closely he soon discovered that it was about the universe and Jesus. He also found that it was written in near-perfect English, with only about twenty errors in spelling and grammar.

The name William Sadler was not mentioned and my parents had never heard it. For twenty years this was the only story about the origins of the Urantia Book with which I was familiar, and we were the only Greek Urantia Book readers I knew of. Only recently [1998], when I began to visit UB sites on the Internet, did I find that the rest of the world knew a very different story. On the Internet I tried to confirm what I had heard from my parents but instead I learned about Sadler’s role. Since then, I’ve been trying to connect the loose ends of the two stories.

It is known that between 1910 and 1920 Sadler traveled to Europe at least once. If the version I’ve told is true, Weiss could have engaged Dr. Sadler to psychiatrically treat the girl as a patient.

I can’t say that the Urantia Book changed my religion. But the Urantia teachings fitted nicely into the whole picture. Perhaps I should say the Urantia Book broadened my perspective.

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Christos Konstas in 2003