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How I Found the Urantia Book—BETTY BRIGHT (1976) 

I MOVED from Cincinnati to Los Angeles in 1976 and got a job with an architectural firm on Wilshire Boulevard. I didn’t know anyone in Los Angeles except my friend Joyce, who had written me urging me to make a change in my life and join her. Joyce, however, was busy every night with the EST Foundation so I spent my time poring over the Thomas Guide, dreaming of new adventures.

I soon met a spiritual woman named Debra who worked in the same building as I. We began to spend time together in the evenings and sometimes I would house-sit for her when she went away to visit her parents. Debra did not own a television set but she had a great library, and every time I went there I would go straight to her bookshelf to see what was new.

One Friday night I let myself into the empty house and headed for the library. There on the shelf was a used blue book that fell out by itself. I picked it up and took it over to the couch with me, and that is where Debra found me on Sunday night when she arrived home. I asked her where she had come across this book and what she thought of it. She told me that she’d discovered it in the Bodhi Tree used book store and that she didn’t know why she’d bought it. She said she’d looked through it and didn’t think it was for her but that I could have it if I wanted to take it home.

I read the book every day for five years with a dictionary and world atlas spread out on the floor before me. I would ask everyone I knew or met if they had heard of this book. No one had, and I began to think I was the only one in the world that had it. Desperate to talk to someone about it, I finally wrote to the Urantia Foundation and asked them if they could tell me if anyone else was reading this book. They referred me to Polly Friedman.

When I arrived at Polly’s house and she opened the door I couldn’t say a word—I just cried. Just writing this I am crying again, remembering what a life-changing event that day was for me. Polly put me in touch with Hal and Lucille Kettell’s study group—about five blocks from where I was living at the time—and the love affair goes on to this day.

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