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How I Found the Urantia Book—SHARON ZIGLAR (1975) 

IN THE EARLY ’70s I was actively seeking God in my life. I tried out a variety of churches and bought any book I could get my hands on which might help me to grow as an individual. I still have quite a large library of books dating from that time: I’m OK, You’re OK; Your Erroneous Zones; Mindstyles, Lifestyles; etc.

In 1975 I started attending a fundamentalist church. It had a large congregation and quite a community feeling. While attending this church I met my future husband, Wally Ziglar, in the church parking lot. We started dating and shared a lot of wonderful philosophical discussions. In our marathon telephone conversations he would occasionally read me something interesting that he had “found.” Everything he read rang a bell in my soul as being true, and I was awed by the possibility that answers to some of my questions, and confirmations of my inner beliefs, were in writing. I asked Wally where he’d come upon the portions that he was reading to me and he usually said, “It’s out of some Christian history book I’ve come across.” These exchanges went on for at least a year.

We were also attending a Bible study class connected with this church. At times I would feel very uncomfortable with what was being said. I would comment on this to Wally and he usually responded by quoting something he had “read someplace.” One night there was a discussion about demon possession. I could tell that Wally was really keen on this topic; he told me he had something at home that he wanted to read to me. When we got to his house he pulled out a big blue book and read me a passage about demon possession not existing since the time of Pentecost. This didn’t mean anything to me, as it was just something he was reading out of some book.

At this point he said, “Some day I want to share this book with you, but not right now.” Well, that was the wrong thing to say to someone who had been buying up bookstores looking for answers. I practically broke my neck trying to get a look at the title. The next day I went down to B. Dalton Booksellers and lifted a copy of the Urantia Book off the shelf. I looked at the front cover and almost fell over. What is this? “The Central and Superuniverses”? “The Local Universe”? “The History of Urantia”? (“The Life and Teachings of Jesus” I could handle.) I took a deep breath. I knew how important God was to Wally and that there had to be something to this book.

I began reading the inside dust jacket and by the time I had finished “. . . the greatest truths mortal man can ever hear—the living gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man” p. 2086), I knew that I had come home and that this book was the answer to my quest for truth and knowledge. Needless to say, I bought it.

It took me three months to complete my first reading—living and breathing the book. Since then, I have read it at least three additional times. I love going to it for answers or to search for something I remember reading before. During the raising of our children I must admit that I have not always taken time to keep up my reading, but the truths exist in my heart and in my life and I know that the book is there whenever I need a “refresher course.”

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