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How I Found the Urantia Book—CHRISSY PALATUCCI SMITH (1975) 

ONE AUTUMN in the early ’70s, living in the town of Westhampton Beach, New York, I was one of a group of many friends who were enjoying the return of the town to its quiet post-season status. We were having a potluck when a friend began to tell me about a book his ex-girlfriend had loaned him called the Urantia Book, that it was in four parts and really cosmic. We even went over to his room where he showed it to me. It was big. We talked a bit—he hadn’t really read much of it himself—but after a few minutes I was anxious to get back to the party.

The next day, my boyfriend and I were in the town of Southampton where we stopped in at a small bookstore called Keene’s. I, being a seeker, went over to the Occult section. There on the shelf was the Urantia Book. I took it down, opened it to the first page of the Foreword, read down to “The Eternal Isle of Paradise” and stopped. In five years, I thought to myself, I’ll be ready for this. I put the book back.

A few years later, at the wedding of my best friend Elaine in New Hampshire, I was having a conversation with a small group of people on things cosmic. One guy asked if anyone had ever seen the Urantia Book. He told us a story he had heard about it, that it had been found in a garbage can with $10,000 and a note attached that read, “Print me!” As he talked a recognition seed was planted in my mind.

In 1975 I found myself driving to California with my friend Aubrea, who was planning to attend her high school reunion. I had always wanted to see California, and as I made preparations I had a vision flash that I was to meet a “spiritual man with a golden glow.”

Traveling up the California coast, we visited different towns, including Capitola-by-the-Sea, where my sister-in-law’s parents lived. Stopping for directions to their house, we turned a corner and up on the right was a shimmering gold sign that read The Pyramid Works. I remarked to Aubrea that we had to visit this store—I had recently finished reading a fascinating book that talked about pyramid power, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, and was excited to see a place selling pyramids.

Later that day our host Peggy took us on a walk into town. While Peg stopped to buy some cards, Aubs and I went into The Pyramid Works. There we found all manner of pyramid-related articles, books, candles, and clothes, as well as a delightful salesman (with lots-of-time-on-the-beach golden hair) named Lee. Never having met anyone from New York before, and certainly not two women travelers, he found us intriguing. He invited us back to the store on Thursday night to attend a presentation on pyramid power. I almost missed what has now become my life as I was tired that night and didn’t really want to go. Luckily, Aubs was in a better mood and talked me into it.

By the time we arrived, the demonstration was over and people were milling around getting ready to leave. Lee was happy to see us, and after he closed up shop the three of us got together. The night continued with much sharing and good conversation, and ended up with all of us going dancing.

Lee had invited us to visit him the following Saturday. On the property where he lived was a tree house and I mentioned that I wanted to climb up there. I was starting to feel very attracted to Lee and wanted some time alone with him. As we sat in the tree house facing each other cross-legged, what I remember most is the incredible energy that flowed out of my eyes and into his as I declared my love for God. I know he received it because the look on his face was unmistakable. It was, as I have come to recognize it now, a Spirit of Truth moment. The energy flowing from me to him felt like a circuitry coming through me rather than from me. My intention was that Lee should understand the meaning God had in my life—I only had a moment and the Spirit did it for me!

When it was time to leave, I decided to stay an extra week with Lee and meet up with my traveling companions later. One day, when Lee and I were working in the pyramid shop, I saw a notice on the bulletin board that read, “Anyone interested in reading the Urantia Book talk to Lee.” I was amazed! I felt that my spiritual journey was about to take a major leap. Excitedly I shared with Lee the Keene’s bookstore event, my declaration of five years earlier, and that he, Lee, was the “spiritual man with the golden glow.”

Lee and I started a Urantia Book study group in 1975 and it still meets in our home. We were married one year later and the rest, as they say, is destiny!

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Chrissy passed away in 1999.
The Golden Gate Circle group of
Urantia Book readers has a
Chrissy Memorial