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How I Found the Urantia Book—SHERYL BELLMAN (1975) 

I WAS BORN in New York into a very Jewish family, and accordingly I started my spiritual search with traditional Jewish teachings. In the early ’70s my husband and I were hippies living in the East Village in New York. In our search for truth we had both turned to Buddhism. In 1972 we bought land in a small town in Maine and prepared to do the country thing.

In 1975 an old hippie friend from New York visited us, carrying a bunch of books. He showed my husband Chuck a big blue book and said, “You must get this book.” Chuck sent away for it, spending an enormous amount of money—$20. When the book arrived he was not interested in it. I thought that since he had spent so much money on this thing someone should read it! I opened to Paper 1 and was blown away—I had never read anything like that about God before! Within a few pages I realized that I had something from heaven in my hands.

In 1999 I went back to the East Village and saw—for the first time in twenty-four years—the friend who had introduced us to the Urantia Book. He had never become a reader himself—he didn’t even know what the book was about!

Finding the Urantia Book has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. I will always be grateful to that old friend for being the channel that brought it into my life.

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