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How I Found the Urantia Book—RUTH L. STEACH (1974) 

I WAS a preacher’s kid and grew up with an inner knowing that the Bible wasn’t the whole story. My dad urged me to read and search, but I was too busy with the other parts of my life to do so. Then, in 1962, at age 39, I joined a group of women searching for more. We read and pondered over everything from the Bible to ghosts. Nowhere could we find the “missing link”—the answers to our questions.

Then, in 1974, one of our sons brought the Urantia Book home from college and told his mom, “This was meant for you.” At first we were skeptical, and approached it as we had every other book to which we had been led. But this one answered all of our questions. It filled in the blank places.

One of our group could not accept it and dropped out. It became the main study for the rest of the group. We bought Urantia Books and placed them in libraries. We loaned books to anyone interested. Some became readers, some joined our group, others rejected it.

I now belong to two Urantia Book study groups: One is the initial group which meets during the day, of which I am the only original member remaining—my friends have either moved away or graduated to the mansion worlds; the other is an evening group meeting at my house, and it is slowly growing.

Due to my long search, during which I continued to study the Bible in depth, I am considered a Bible expert by some ministers in the area. I teach Bible with a UB twist to two groups at the retirement complex where I live. (I helped to build The Village and now serve as president of the Board.) If anyone asks where I get all of my knowledge, I introduce them to the book.

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