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How I Found the Urantia Book—SUE SMITH (1974) 

HAVING BEEN in the Church most of my life since childhood, for several years I was inspired to search religious bookstores, attend church groups, study, and talk with church people concerning the Spirit in our lives. In September of 1974, while living in Hawaii, I was somehow directed to the Religion section of a Honolulu bookstore. There, next to the Bible, I found a very large book with a white cover. Curious, I took it down and read the dust jacket. Slamming it shut, I said to myself, “It is humanly impossible to know this kind of information, therefore it is a sacrilege to place this stuff next to the Bible—God’s Word.”

No one was at the check-out counter at that time except the store manager. I decided to go over and tell him off for placing such a book next to the Bible, but by the time I had crossed the store to the counter, a line of people had formed waiting to check out. I gave up on the idea, and as I headed for the exit door I suddenly heard a voice that seemed to be in front and above me, saying, “Leave it alone. I will take care of it.” Stunned, I went home.

In December of 1974 I found that same large book on my coffee table in my living room. None of my family would own up to having put it there.

December was always a busy time, so it was not until January 1975 that I began reading the Urantia Book. After a while, I concluded that the midwayers must have placed the book in my home. It was months before my oldest son confessed that a high school teacher—a Urantia Book reader—had encouraged him to buy the book. My son was not ready for this information and thought it would be a challenge to tease Mom. Little did he know that Mom was ready for this book—I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Reading, researching, cross referencing with the Bible and jumping from one subject to another, I had to decide for myself if this book really was all that it claimed to be.

Soon I was invited by my Urantia Book mentor, Eva Sepp, to attend a gathering of Urantia Book readers to meet a representative from the Urantia Foundation, Paul Snider. This was my first experience with other readers, and I was delighted to meet such a dear, kind, and loving person.

Later, our business took us to Chicago, where I spent a full day at 533 Diversey Parkway talking with Emma (“Christy”) Christensen and Meredith Sprunger, then president of the Brotherhood. Meredith suggested rather emphatically that I read the Urantia Book from cover to cover, beginning to end, from the Alpha to the Omega. By doing this, the revelations fell into place in a chronological order. My soul was satisfied that this book was genuine. Now after years of study, it all seems so simplified.

I began to host my own study group in January 1976. Though we eventually moved to Arizona after fourteen years in Hawaii, the study group I started has continued meeting almost every week since that time.

I know the book is true because it has brought me that glorious spiritual peace of mind that is beyond all understanding. May God bless the teachings of the Urantia Book, and guide us all in the way he would have us go.

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