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How I Found the Urantia Book—DARLENE SHEATZ CRINER (1973) 

MY EARLY TWENTIES were spent looking for answers, not about God necessarily, but about the world and beyond. I studied various philosophies and religions, only to hit the wall fairly quickly.

In 1973 I moved to California from Colorado, having spent two years studying yoga and Tai Chi, which I now feel prepared me in many ways for the discovery of truth.

The very month I arrived in California I met a great lady. She wasn’t a Urantia Book reader but she led me straight to the book. While visiting her home I noticed her husband was always reading a blue book. His reluctance to talk about it intrigued me even more. It so happened that on the same block lived a number of wonderful folks who were also Urantia Book readers. My first loaner book was given to me by a reader named Jim McNelly.

As I began to browse the book, my reaction was, What is this stuff? Nebadon? Andon and Fonta? Now, really! It took some doing for me to get over the Table of Contents.

I must admit that the cosmic information was most interesting to me in the beginning. What really took me in was the information on the Solitary Messengers. I found myself also going to the Thought Adjuster papers over and over, fascinated by the connection between all that was out there and all that was within me. It was a long time before I ventured into the Jesus papers, but when I did, the meanings and values became real to me. I no longer thought it was corny to believe in Jesus, as I had felt when growing up.

Today I feel my life has been tremendously enriched by the discovery of the Urantia Book. But it took me a long time to integrate what I was reading with what I was doing in my life. I’m still trying.

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Darlene in 1997