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How I Found the Urantia Book—donna oliver (1973) 

I GREW UP in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with my mother and two sisters. I was the sister in the middle. My mom was a wonderfully humorous and upright woman whom I greatly admired, but she did little to nurture her spirituality or that of her children. I had never gone to church, nor had I read the Bible or had a religion. Even so, as a young child I felt God’s presence hovering nearby, and wherever I went I knew he followed. I came to depend on his watchcare, his guidance and training, his patience and sense of humor. We developed an unceasing, informal dialogue.

In my early teen years I began searching to know more about this God of mine. I visited churches of various denominations, not knowing what I was looking for but confident that I would know it if I found it. I read parts of the Bible before turning to Indian and Eastern philosophy. I visited the world of Carlos Castaneda. I meditated, prayed, became a minimalist and a vegetarian; I did whatever I thought it took to enhance myself spiritually.

At 16 I found a job in a vintage clothing store. The owner and I would launch into lengthy discussions about people, the world, the universe, and the purpose of life. Sometimes I would find him sitting at his desk reading a big blue book. I looked over his shoulder at words that seemed complicated and foreign. In response to my inquiries, my boss/friend told me the book had been written by various celestial beings. I knew I had to know more about this book that dared to make such a claim. He soon found me sitting at his desk reading his big blue book. I would scold him whenever he’d take it home and forget to bring it back the next day.

Soon after, I found myself in possession of my own Urantia Book, gold-stamped with the initials DLB. I took it with me wherever I went. I was inspired to read “The Life and Teachings of Jesus” first, which gave me the foundation for appreciating the other sections of the book. I learned much, which only added to a stirring within.

By the time I was 20 I was living in California where I married and became a mother—or was it the other way around? Oh, well . . . I had now read and reread the entire book multiple times, understanding more and more as God spoke to me through every page.

There was one day in particular, as my new baby lay in his crib nearby, that I refused to go on feeling that God was near me but not a part of me. I fell to the floor and cried out from the depths of my heart, “God, where are you?” It was then that I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of love as I awakened to Michael’s beautiful gift, the Spirit of Truth.

I have since made an irrevocable choice to be life partners with God as I move ever closer towards fusion with my Thought Adjuster and towards my destiny as a finaliter in the universes yet to come.

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