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How I Found the Urantia BookJESS HANSEN (1973) 

BACK IN 1973, I was allowed to examine the contents of a flight bag and a suitcase that had belonged to the late guitar maestro, Jimi Hendrix. That was where I first laid eyes upon the Urantia Book. Jimi possessed a well-worn copy that featured notes in the margins made in his own distinctive handwriting. At that time, I made note of the title and publisher of the book. Shortly thereafter, I met a personal friend of Jimi’s, and during the course of our initial conversation I mentioned the Urantia Book. Jimi’s friend confirmed for me that yes, Jimi had been very familiar with the book and its teachings. I then tracked down a copy for myself, and the book and I have been together ever since.


From: Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix by Charles R. Cross, p. 307.

"Jimi reveled in the chance to talk about religion and mysticism in a setting he called a 'cosmic candy store.' 'It was a spiritual cleansing for Jimi,' Chuck Wein observed. . . . Wein gave Jimi several books, including The Tibetan Book of the Dead and Secret Places of the Lion: Alien Influences on Earth's Destiny. Jimi also had with him the Book of Urantia, an alternative Bible for UFO believers that mixed tales of Jesus with stories of alien visitations. Jimi carried this book with him everywhere--along with his Bob Dylan songbook--and told friends he had learned much from its pages."

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