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How I Found the Urantia Book—EMY HOY (1973) 

IT WAS an autumn weekend in 1973 when I dropped by to visit my friend Stella Religa for a few minutes. I liked to hear her political viewpoints and see how she was coming along with her latest home decorating projects, as these were some of the same hobbies I was involved with at the time. I found Stella and her son Robert at home. Robert showed us some books he had just come by. He made a few enthusiastic comments about a thick, blue book entitled the Urantia Book, saying it was a religious book and that I could buy a copy from him if I wished.

After examining the impressive chapter titles of Part I, “The Central and Superuniverses,” and getting a small glimpse of where I might be in this great universe, I was awed with what these papers offered.

I immediately admired how well organized the material in the book seemed to be. The cover, a beautiful blue, was well designed, with the name “The Urantia Book” across its face. The pages were thin and strong as in a costlier Bible, and the print was easy to read. I loved the book before I’d even read a paragraph. After browsing through it for ten or fifteen minutes, I was absolutely amazed by its contents. This was a religious book I must own and I wanted it immediately.

Then and there I purchased my first copy and took it home, excitedly wondering what I would learn from its many pages. I vowed to myself that I would read every word. I immediately began with the Foreword, and then read continuously through. In the midst of a busy work and school schedule, I completed the book in almost a year. I can remember reading the last page and thinking how fortunate I was to have had this book pass into my hands. I thanked our heavenly Father and promised to keep the Urantia Book in my home and refer to it often.

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