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How I Found the Urantia Book—DON TYLER (1972) 

I HAVE my older brother Larry to thank for getting me interested in the Urantia Book. In the early ’70s I was visiting him during a break from college when he shoved this large tome at me. I’ve never forgotten his intense look and the tone of voice in which he commanded, “You’ve got to read this book! It has the one and only true story of Jesus Christ!”
“Sure, sure,” I thought. “If it makes you act like that, I want no part of it.” Larry has always been intense. He and I laugh, today, that I came to the book despite him.

I started thumbing through it as I would approach any volume so large, skipping about and looking at the table of contents. “No! no! no!” he said, and turned to page one of the Foreword. “You have to start reading here.” I began. I woke up to find that I had been nose-down asleep on the book at page three.

I was in college sometime later when I first got a taste of the revelation’s cosmology. Several of us had been indulging in a long (and chemically-assisted) intellectual inquiry into the Big Bang, the Big Collapse, and other current theories of cosmology, when I found some written passages about the structure of the universe which Larry had copied from the Urantia Book. At this point several items clicked into place for me to fill some of those “missing links” in known theory.

Despite sibling-induced resistance, one day I started reading the book on my own in my own way. I finally found a toehold in the evolution papers in Part III. The description of the later evolution of humans especially intrigued me. I ended up reading from that point to the end of the book. I got my own copy and read it through again, from the beginning. The answers it gave on theological issues which I had previously considered unanswerable, and the correlation it drew between supreme and absolute concepts which I had thought irreconcilable, put this book forever on a level above anything else I had ever read. But by far the most convincing facet of the revelation, for me, was Part IV, the Jesus papers.

A few years earlier I had experienced a spiritual rebirth, sparked primarily by reading the four Gospels and rediscovering the Jesus I had known and loved since childhood. But the Gospel of John had left me hungry for more, leaving so many questions unanswered. I had read other “revelations” and “lost gospels,” but none had the truth-feel of the Gospels until I read the Urantia Papers. There I found that same superb and sterling Son of God who had intrigued and inspired me in the Gospels. The gospel material which the UB expanded upon, that which they ignored, together with new and revealed information, all coordinated perfectly with my highest understanding of Jesus.

The next year, a friend from college, Mary Jo Clark, came to visit me in Oklahoma. I had written to her about this unusual book I’d been reading, and the first thing we did was to sit down and read the revelation through together. Her college anthropology background caused her to take an interest in it at about the same point in the narrative that I did, at the hominid evolution descriptions. Her visit led to a lasting marriage and produced three children, all “raised in the Father.”

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