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How I Found the Urantia Book—BUCK & ARLENE WEIMER (1972) 

ARLENE AND I got married twice. The first time was in June of 1970, in a hippie wedding in California with most of our friends; the second time in September of 1970, in a Jewish wedding in New York for most of our family. Arlene is a Brooklyn Jew and I’m from a Protestant background, but at the time we were both avowed agnostics.

Shortly thereafter, we jumped on a freighter headed for Greece. After two months there, we took another boat to Israel. We were without a travel itinerary, but soon we found ourselves in Bethlehem witnessing the traditional celebration of Jesus’ birthday, which we thought was “cute.” From there we moved on to Turkey for the long journey overland to India. India was, at first, very exciting, especially because of the many Hindu temples and ashrams. But before long we fled northward to Nepal and Katmandu, the capital. And again, as fate would have it, we observed a huge celebration of Buddha’s birthday. These events made us begin to question our spirituality.

After visiting Burma and Southeast Asia, we arrived on the Indonesian island of Bali where we were confronted with a big decision: Do we continue eastward across the South Pacific, or accept the invitation to crew on a 40-foot, yawl-rigged yacht going west for 3600 miles, across the Indian Ocean to the Seychelles Islands? While in deep meditation, a clear voice said to me: “A man must do everything.” And, though not hearing it quite as clearly, my wife had a similar experience. We chose the westward journey, which turned out to be fraught with danger. We even had a near-death experience. As a result of this episode we gained an acceptance of death and a sense that “everything is going to be okay.”

After nine months in the Seychelles, we went to Pakistan and traveled westward to Europe and Amsterdam, eventually getting a flight from England to the States, where we arrived too poor for subway fare.

Arlene, who had received a Ph.D. at the University of Southern California at the time we got married, landed a job teaching at a small college in Orlando, Florida. One of the courses she taught was on personality. One of her students, a “wigged-out” Vietnam vet, showed her the Urantia Book one day after class and said that if she was really interested in learning about personality, she should read it. (He later acknowledged not having read much of the book himself.)

Arlene felt that she had read enough books for a lifetime while getting her education, so she asked me, since I was not working at that time, to look into this very large book. I started reading and recognized immediately that this book was “different,” but I remained skeptical and felt the need to read it from cover to cover.

In the meantime we decided on more travels. Together with five others, we converted a school bus into a camper, wrote GOD IS LOVE in bold letters across the side, and proceeded to drive to Costa Rica, where we lived in tents on a mountain. I finished reading the Urantia Book there, and by then had made such character transformations that Arlene was inspired to delve into the book herself. And her experience was similar to mine.

After ten or eleven months, with the tents beginning to rot, we sat on a log on the mountaintop and made the decision to return to America and raise a family. We settled in Pueblo, Colorado, had three sons, careers in psychotherapy, and became active members of a study group.

Although it is only ink on paper, the Urantia Book has been our guide, a guide for loving God better while striving to become like him, and for serving our brothers and sisters while learning cosmic citizenship. 

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Buck and Arlene (center couple) with a group of
traveling hippies in Afghanistan in 1972, six months
before they found the Urantia Book.

Buck and Arlene circa 2008.