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How I Found the Urantia Book—DAVID GLASS (1972) 

I GRADUATED from Florida Presbyterian College in St. Petersburg in 1971 with a B.A. in world literature—a preparation, I think, for appreciating the exalted prose of the revelation. I loved school and was sad to leave it. Of course, now I know that the whole universe is a school, and I’m already enrolled! In college and afterwards, I had read a lot of existentialist philosophy and was consequently depressed and without faith that anyone would survive death, myself included.

But somehow there seemed something poignant about just being alive. Who had set up this universe? I started reading history and science and, later, religious and spiritual books in an attempt to answer this question, but the answer eluded me.

Then I met a college friend who introduced me to The Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda. I was hooked. I began meditating and practicing Hatha Yoga, and felt I was getting in touch with something real. I joined The Self-Realization Fellowship.

Later, in June of 1972, some friends and I went to Colorado to attend the summer meeting of the “Rainbow Tribe,” a group which prophesied that great American Indian chiefs were reincarnating to lift the world to a spiritual level. In Granby we hiked to a high plateau and camped there for four days. There was no program, just fellowship and free discussions of our interests, which ranged from astrology to the Divine Light Mission. Afterward we all descended into the town of Granby where we filled up all the motels. In my room there were eighteen of us, many sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. As I was nodding off, I heard Stephen Zendt say, “Well, the best book I’ve found so far is the Urantia Book.” I made a mental note of the title.  I didn’t know Stephen at that point.

We all went on to San Francisco. The first day there I found the Urantia Book in a huge metaphysical bookstore. The cashier said, “This book is the handbook for the New Age.” That sounded good to me at the time and I had the requisite $20, so I bought it and decided to read two papers a day. I went back home to Florida and read the book for six months straight, doing little else but eat and sleep. I am so thankful that my parents allowed me to do this rather than hurry me off into job-hunting without my values and principles intact.

When I finished the book, I went to Chicago and met Emma (Christy) Christensen and James Mills, then president of Urantia Brotherhood. I was so eager to volunteer my services that I offered to work for the Brotherhood for free and get a paying job somewhere else in Chicago.

I am now [1998] on my ninth reading. I have written articles for more than ten Urantia Book-related newsletters, and I published my own newsletter for about four years. I’ve attended just about every Urantia summer conference since 1973 and have prepared talks or workshops for most of them.

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