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How I Found the Urantia Book—TAMMY HORTON (1972) 

IN 1972, looking for a back-to-the-land place to live, my then-husband and I were traveling to Arkansas, where friends suggested we go. We stopped on the Missouri border at a small town called Seligman. This quaint town must have had a population of about 150, but it had a bookstore and a small general store.

My husband went into the bookstore. While I stood outside taking in the local scenery, a young man walked up to me and we started talking. He said he lived in a cabin in the woods and had just come to town for supplies. He told me about the area and how he loved living in Arkansas.

Our conversation led to the cosmos and spirituality, and he asked if I had ever read the Urantia Book. I said no. He proceeded to tell me about the book and how it had affected his life. When my husband came out of the bookstore he joined in the conversation. My husband’s fundamentalist background—his parents were “holiness ministers”—had turned him off from religion of any sort, but the conversation piqued even his curiosity.

We went back into the bookstore. They did not carry the Urantia Book but said they would be happy to order it. We lived 250 miles from there and decided that that would give us a good excuse to return to the area. We paid for the book and two weeks later we came back. We tried to find the young man who had turned us on to the book, but nobody knew anything about him.

We eventually moved to Arkansas. During that time we met many folks who read the book in the area and a study group was formed of five couples. We had some really great times when the Urantia group from Oklahoma City, headed by Berkeley Elliott, came and stayed at our friend’s trout fishing resort on several occasions to hold meetings there. We had wonderful gatherings out on a point with a bonfire at night on the White River. I realize now what a special time that was.

I have been reading the book ever since. I wish I could thank that young man for giving us something that changed our lives. The lesson learned is that you never know what enlightenment a stranger may have to offer.

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