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How I Found the Urantia Book—GARD JAMESON (1972) 

I FOUND the Urantia Book in the spring of 1972 at a remarkable bookstore in Palo Alto called The Plowshare. I would often spend time there perusing the Religion and Philosophy section.

That day I was reading a book on Ouspensky in a wonderfully comfortable chair, and overhearing a conversation about the life of Jesus. What I was hearing sounded novel and very interesting—stories about Jesus’ childhood that I knew were not in the Gospels. When these people left I located the book they were discussing, the Urantia Book. I looked it over and knew that this was a book deserving of some attention. I bought it and returned to campus.

A few weeks later, a close friend, Brian Cox, came to my room, hearing that I was interested in spiritual things. He described a deep spiritual experience that he had had; I recommended the Urantia Book as something that might provide an explanation of his experience. He returned after a few days, exclaiming, “Do you know what you have here?—a revelation!”

I have been attending study groups and enjoying fellowship with other students of the Urantia Book ever since those life-transforming days.

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Gard Jameson speaking at IC99