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How I Found the Urantia Book—MICHAEL PITZEL (1972) 

WHEN I was about 21 I was attending Michigan State University and working various jobs to pay for my studies. One of my jobs was head chef and manager of a vegetarian restaurant called A Small Planet. The job was so time-consuming that I advertised for help in the local paper.

I’d already interviewed and dismissed several undistinguished applicants when a fellow came into the kitchen who looked as if he had just climbed a mountain to get to me. He was dressed like a traveling yogi in colorful, loose-fitting clothes that spoke of other lands. He sported a full beard, and his long, reddish-brown hair was tied in a ponytail which hung down well over the rucksack that he wore high upon his back. His name was Michael.

His cooking background came, literally, from all over the world. He’d had formal training, as had I, at some fine multi-starred restaurants, and he’d attended cooking schools. He was perfect for the job, so I hired him. We quickly became friends. (He was a great chef and continued to run A Small Planet successfully after I left.)

One day, while telling me of his fascinating travel experiences, Michael mentioned the Urantia Book. He soon exhausted all superlatives in describing it. Then he told me that he had a copy of it at home. My curiosity was immediately aroused, for although I had read many spiritual books, done many spiritual things, and often felt spiritually elevated, I had not heard of this book before.

We rode our bicycles to his home which, being located in the flood plains of Lansing, had recently been damaged by water and was without electricity during the remodeling. Since it was dark when we arrived, I thought there would be no chance of much reading. But Michael showed me the Urantia Book by candlelight. In reading just a few small selections I became convinced this book held immense merit. It actually seemed to glow—those remarkably thin pages seemed to light up from within!

I pleaded with Michael to lend me the book for a while, and finally he agreed. One reason for his hesitation was that he himself had borrowed the book, and he knew he’d eventually have to return it to its owners. Thus I found myself with a copy of the Urantia Book, lent to me by a person named Michael, while we both ran A Small Planet. Interesting coincidence, eh? Three Michaels, so to speak. I carried the book wherever I went so I could read it every free moment.

A few weeks later, at a party given by some vegetarians I’d met through the restaurant, I dragged the book out. To my surprise, I found that the hosts not only had heard of the book, but they actually owned not one copy, but two! They’d recently loaned one to a friend. Upon further inquiries, we discovered that the book I was carrying was actually the one they had loaned to Michael, who had loaned it to me!

The very next day I ordered my own Urantia Book from a local bookstore. Thereafter, the book became a major part of my spiritual and intellectual property, and it continues to assist me in my pursuit of educational and intellectual accomplishments.

One of the more amazing things about the book, for me, is its description of the ultimaton. This description helped me develop an appropriate topological model of this ultimate particle. I made this patentable discovery about the time I was first reading the book’s passages on the ultimaton, while taking an advanced mathematics class on topology. Needless to say, besides the Urantia Book’s insights into spiritual values, its science intrigues me greatly.

Since I’m a Michael from Nebraska, and since I found the book about Michael of Nebadon through yet another Michael, for a while I was fairly convinced that few, if any, other persons had actually read the Urantia Book cover to cover as I had. I was amazed to find out that people all over the world get together routinely to read it. Live and learn.

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