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How I Found the Urantia Book—JIM HARRIS (1972) 

IN 1972 I was traveling in Western Australia when I visited, on invitation, a community called Shalam, near Perth. It sat on only a few acres, but operated in a back-to-the-land mode, supplying most of its own needs and attracting truth seekers like myself.

After making myself useful there for a couple of weeks, and reading books by Edgar Cayce and part of OAHSPE, I offered to go as part of a foursome of travelers about 250 miles north, well into the outback, to an associate community named Carranya. Having split up to hitchhike rides with the frequent truck traffic, we all arrived at our destination about the same time, after dark, and were warmly received with a hot meal in the kitchen.

Next day, at the evening meal one of the members sat and read aloud from a book which the group had recently become interested in, called the Urantia Book. They were at a point in the reading which told about the war in heaven.

I reacted with excitement at that, saying that I had always wanted to learn more about the war in heaven, as what I had read in the Bible left me with several questions. Immediately, I volunteered to read while everyone else enjoyed the meal. My progress was punctuated by exclamations, or impromptu comments such as, “Hmmm . . . ” and “Isn’t that interesting!”
I borrowed their copy of the book whenever I could and read more, and noted the address of the publisher in Chicago. After a week I decided to continue my journey, as there were several other places I wanted to visit before returning to North America.

In 1974, when I’d finally made it home after many adventures in Asia, I went immediately to a bookshop I knew in Toronto and purchased a copy of the Urantia Book. While there, I read a note posted on a message board which connected me with the first study group to form in Toronto, and possibly the first in Canada.

I recall reading somewhere, perhaps in the Urantia Book, that we are challenged to greater knowledge according to our ability. I often reflect on that, and think of how our unseen brothers must have had a great time leading me to the polar opposite side of the planet to find the Urantia Book on a remote outback station in Western Australia!

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