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How I Found the Urantia Book—GERALD HARRISON (1971) 

PRIOR TO finding the Urantia Book, I would describe myself as an agnostic whenever I was asked about my beliefs. Since the time I was bar- and bat-mitzvahed with my twin sister at 13, I had been totally uninvolved with my family’s practice of Judaism.

In late 1970, when I was 25, a friend I had met through Peace Movement activities mentioned that he had been reading a big book with a more complete and modern portrayal of Jesus’ life and teachings than he had found elsewhere. We didn’t pursue the subject further at that time.

A few months later, in early 1971, my sister-in-law and the fellow she was dating came to visit. In the course of a wonderful conversation we were having, her friend (who had no connection to my other friend) brought out this big blue book and showed me page 1429—Jesus’ answer regarding free will and the reason for allowing both good and evil to co-exist. I’ve been reading the book ever since.

I’m still in touch with both of these dear friends who independently and almost simultaneously introduced me to the Urantia Book.

I had been reading the Urantia Book less than a year when, one afternoon as I was waiting for a subway here in Philadelphia in a very busy underground station, a young man sat down next to me. As he arranged his packages, I saw that he held in his lap a brand new copy of—guess what?—the Urantia Book! We struck up a conversation and he invited me to come along with him to the next meeting of the study group he was attending. To this day I still see some of the folks I met at that meeting.

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