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How I Found the Urantia Book—LOU NICKSIC (1971) 

AFTER getting out of the United States Army in 1967, I returned home to Grand Beach, Michigan, to take up my life where I had left off before being shipped overseas for four years. As I looked around at my friends working in the Indiana steel mills or nearby small town factories, I decided that I needed something a little different and more adventurous.
A friend whom I'd met in Germany got out of the military around the same time I had, and he had always told me to come out to San Francisco to visit him. I decided that was what I was going to do.

After being there for about a week, I was completely overwhelmed with the whole Peace/Love movement that San Francisco is so well known for. The excitement of spiritually minded people meditating in the hills while the aroma of incense filled my nostrils and the sounds of East Indian Sitars danced through the air was more than I could pass up . . . I settled right in as though I had always been there.

After three years of experimenting with everything from Buddhism to Transcendental Meditation to Scientology, a lady I met asked me, “Have you ever read the Urantia Book?” I said, “What book? What’s it about?” She said, “I don’t know, but this really spiritual guy that I know said he reads it and it is heavy stuff. . . .” So, that same day in early 1971, not being one to pass up an opportunity, I went straight to a book store in San Rafael and bought a used copy of the Urantia Book. I didn’t know why, but I knew that I had to read it.

Needless to say, once I started reading it, it was like a giant light bulb turned on in my head and my soul sang out with the joy of excitement as I realized that I was finally at home with our Father whom I had been so enthusiastically searching for. There has not been one day in the last 37 years that I, even for the briefest moment, have ever doubted the validity of the Urantia Book.

To be so graciously introduced to all of our wonderful Unseen Friends, to hear firsthand Jesus’ many discussions, and to share in the travels of our beautiful creator Christ Michael while he was here on our planet is a blessing so immense that words can’t begin to describe my feelings . . . ! I can only, in awe, thank our Father every day for leading me to the Urantia Book.

Ever since that day in 1971, I have looked for gentle ways, without being overly aggressive, to recommend the Urantia Book to those who express a desire to know more about God than they currently knew. It is very true that one of our obligations while we are here on this planet is to “learn from those ahead of us, and to pass that on to those behind us. . . .”

For those of you who might read this story, please always remember: “We who have read the Urantia Book are so truly blessed…”

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Lou in 1978 with Emma "Christy" Christensen

Lou today