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How I Found the Urantia Book—HENRY BEGEMANN (1970) 

MY WIFE AND I found the Urantia Book in a bookstore in Amsterdam. We never go to Amsterdam, if we can avoid it, as we don’t like that city—it is the New York of the Netherlands. We went to that shop because we had read about it half a year before when it opened, and it looked attractive.

There was one copy of the Urantia Book in the store. Though we knew nothing about the book and even less about the Foundation or the Brotherhood, we were attracted by its size and some things we’d read in it. We decided to buy it, though the price was about US$40. I think it was the only copy for sale then in Holland, and I always felt that we were guided to it.

* * *

[Henry devoted the rest of his life to working on the Dutch translation of the Urantia Book. Sadly he passed away before the task was completed, but happily his daughter Nienke took over and finished the job. The Dutch translation was officially unveiled in November, 1997.]

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