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How I Found the Urantia Book—JERRY Mccollum (1970) 

1970, Marysville, Washington. I had dropped out of college and was hanging out in a commune made up of drop-outs and unemployed types. Boeing’s massive layoffs had impacted everyone in the region.

One night several of us pulled out a Ouija board and began playing with it. It was my first time using one. We tried combinations of partners with not much response. When it was my turn the cursor practically jumped out of my fingers.
Both my partner and I said something like “Whoa!” and proceeded to ask questions. The cursor moved so fast that we had to have one person standing directly over us writing down the letters in sequence. When the cursor stopped we would pause to divide the letters into words. I was startled that all the words were correctly spelled, and that they formed coherent sentences.

An entity named Daljek, who called itself a “Fellowship Guardian,” began answering questions. At one point, in response to someone’s question, Daljek said, “Ask your Thought Adjuster.”

“Thought Adjuster? Thought Adjuster? What the hell is a Thought Adjuster?” We were all looking at each other, wondering, “What is this nonsense?” All of a sudden, a guy who had been sitting nearby on the couch jumped up and said, “Wait, I just read something about that!” He ran upstairs to his bedroom and came back with the Urantia Book which he had bought the day before at the University of Washington bookstore in Seattle.

We put away the Ouija board, waited as he thumbed through the book searching for “Thought Adjusters,” and listened as he began to read about them. I remember feeling as if I had tapped into something really significant.

I bought a copy of the UB for myself a month later. I still have it on my bedside stand. The spine has been repaired twice from abusive perusal of spiritual truth.

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