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How I Found the Urantia Book—DAVID BRADLEY (1970)

IN 1970, I purchased the Urantia Book after my wife had heard that it was a “high” (that’s ’60s jargon for “mind-expanding”) book. At the time my library included books by Carl Jung, John Lilly, Aldous Huxley, Black Elk, Carlos Castaneda, Lynn Andrews, C. S. Lewis, and others. I put the UB on the shelf with my other spiritual adventure books.

At this time I did not believe in God, and had had no religious training; but I had experienced good, inexplicable magic in my personal life and I loved synchronicity. I liked to go to rock music bars and power/spirit dance. While dancing, I would sometimes steer myself by imagining that I was moving harmoniously with the presence of Jesus.

At this time I had begun to wonder if Jesus was a brujo, like Don Juan or Don Genero of the Castaneda books. I started reading the New Testament with this question in mind, and I found evidence of metaphysical events in Jesus’ life, such as his turning water into wine and creating the loaves and fishes. At this time I noticed that the last part of the Urantia Book was also about the life and teachings of Jesus, and I started reading to find out more.

I read only a few pages of Part IV and found them to be intelligently and coherently written. I stopped, went to the front of the book, and began to read there. During that first reading I discovered that God was real and had personal relationship experiences.

I truly thank my guidance for leading me to God, the First Source and Center of that good, inexplicable magic and love. I’m very thankful that the Urantia Book is here. And I still like to dance, albeit more socially most of the time.

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David Bradley is author of
An Introduction to the Urantia Revelation