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How I Found the Urantia Book—GARY HALL (1969)

IN 1969, at the age of 20, I had come to a point where I needed to make some major decisions about the direction my life was taking. I left Pocatello, Idaho, and went on the road hitchhiking. I traveled up north and then south to San Francisco, where I attended concerts at the Fillmore and explored the ferment that was Berkeley at the time.

After a week or so I headed back north. One evening at around nine o’clock I stood on a corner trying to get a ride out of Woodlawn, California. I went into a service station to get some chewing gum and when I came back out there was a big, tall, long-haired hippie like myself standing on the same corner also hitching north. We introduced ourselves. His name was Michael Bishop and he was from Seattle. We continued on north together through the rainy night and became friends. In Portland we parted company, Michael heading home to Seattle and I to Moscow, Idaho.

A few weeks later I traveled to Seattle to visit him. He was living in a large communal house with about six other people, mostly musicians—a great scene at the time. One night, as I was going to bed on the floor in the basement of this house, Michael handed me a big blue book without saying a word. I started reading the table of contents and knew immediately it was true and right.

As soon as I returned to Pocatello I ordered a copy from a bookstore and have been reading ever since. I lost track of Michael in the early ’70s. I sure wish I could locate him now.

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