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How I Found the Urantia Book—IRVING TOWNSEND (1969) 

IN 1969 I owned a fabric store on Wilshire Boulevard in Brentwood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. My bookkeeper was a young woman with two small children. She was going to school part time and working on my books part time to support her family.

We became friends. One evening while she was taking care of her children and preparing to go to dinner with me, she placed the Urantia Book in my hands and said, “Here, Irving. Read this.” After reading three pages I realized that this was something I had been searching for for a long time.

I have been reading it all these years. My friend, Diane, eventually got an MA degree in financial planning and has since become very successful.

Believing these teachings unites me in utmost joy to those within the tiny, embryonic, dynamic, love-filled and growing community of believers who share the special brand of faith uniquely engendered by the Urantia Book.

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