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How I Found the Urantia Book—joel rehnstrom (1966) 

FOR SEVERAL YEARS I was a member of an international Rosicrucian order. Then, in 1961, I became enormously interested in UFOs as a result of reading George Adamski's Inside the Spaceships. I started a small publishing company and had the first four UFO books by Adamski and Daniel W. Fry published in Finnish. Together with other enthusiasts in Finland we then formed the Interplanetist Society and began to collect more UFO information from Finland and all over the world. We were mostly interested in the cosmic messages by contact personalities like Adamski, Fry and others.

In 1965 a Finnish-American lady, who believed she was also a contact person and had written a book about her experiences, brought the Urantia Book to Finland. A few members of the Interplanetist Society may have ordered the book as early as 1965. I opened it in the summer of 1966, became enormously fascinated, skimmed it thoroughly in a few days, and immediately saw that this book really contained the supermessage. By this time the Interplanetist Society had many hundreds of members all over Finland. For many of us the UFO interest faded as we began to concentrate on the Urantia Book.

I visited the Urantia Book headquarters at 533 Diversey Parkway in Chicago early in 1972 and took part in the Lake Forest gatherings in 1980 and 1988. Over the years I became good friends with many readers in Chicago, including Christy [Emma L. Christensen]. I stayed with Christy at 533 and had some good conversations with her during all my trips to Chicago.

In 1968 we started to translate the UB into Finnish, on a voluntary basis and as a group effort. The first translation contract with the Foundation was signed in early 1971, and by 1975 the translation was completed and in mimeographed form. The mimeographed papers had been distributed all along in the translation process to a support group of some one hundred people from all over Finland. We also started to import English-language Urantia Books ten or twenty at a time and soon persuaded the biggest bookstore in Helsinki to stock the book and import it directly. In this way more than a thousand English-language books had already been sold here before the Finnish translation was good enough to be published in book form in 1993.

The translation support group later formed the basis for the Finnish Urantia Society. Most recently I have been occupied as a member of a small team which is translating the UB into Swedish.

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