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How I Found the Urantia Book—BEVERLY WOLD (1962) 

THE URANTIA BOOK and I came together late in 1962. A copy was loaned to my husband by a Riverside County planning associate as a result of their discussing philosophy and religion on their lunch breaks. The friend had used the Urantia Book as a reference book in a course he took while getting his engineering degree at USC in Los Angeles. I found out later that it had been placed in the university library by Julia Fenderson soon after it was published. So the ripples of this epochal revelation pushed out to be discovered by a truth seeker who was designing parks in Riverside, California.

 So it was, that my husband brought this big, blue, two-inch-thick, five-pound book home and put it on our bedside nightstand for some shared reading before we went to sleep. My husband had a busy job, and I was in charge of a large therapy department at what was then Riverside County’s largest general acute hospital, with four main treatment areas in various buildings, with quite a large staff of therapists and trained volunteers. I wanted something not heavy but gripping and educational before calling it a day, like an Irving Stone novel—not a 2,097-page gargantuan collection of papers seemingly authored by outer-space entities—but I thought, well, let’s give it a try.

It was my turn to read and I let the book open where it would. It spread open at the place where it describes the earth being peopled by red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and indigo races. Well, we surmised that this might be better than Irving Stone, Orson Welles, and a few others collectively. So we started at the beginning.

We were greatly inspired and thrilled by the enlarged concept of God—his nature and attributes as set forth in the first three papers. It was like putting flesh and skin on the bare skeleton-picture outline in the Bible.

Often I have read the first and last parts of a book to see if I want to read the in-between. So we turned to Part IV to read about the seventh incarnation of our universe creator, Michael, coming to this earth as a mortal, to demonstrate by his life and teachings the true will of God and God’s many attributes, as nearly as mortals are able to grasp. It was about Christmas-time, and reading about the love and compassion of Michael for his creatures was very touching.

It didn’t seem to matter who wrote the Urantia Book, for as we read, it filled in all the gaps and unanswered spaces in the Bible about the life of Jesus, his earthly family, and what he did in those missing years before he started his direct ministry to his chosen disciples and the multitudes of his time. And so many other questions were answered in simple, gripping, and eloquent prose. The Urantia Book made the message of Jesus, so sketchy and abbreviated in the Bible, come alive in a vibrant, meaningful way. It gave direction for everyday, present living, and it made the teachings of the Bible understandable, too.

Our spirit guides were lovingly and gently leading us on, for we discovered that some friends in Riverside had also found the Urantia Book through a New Age study group. They had received a notice from Georgia Gecht, then secretary of the First Urantia Society of Los Angeles (FUSLA), of a meeting the first Sunday of the month to be held at a bank in Culver City. We all went to find out more about the Urantia Book from them. Julia Fenderson was at the door, along with others, warmly greeting and introducing people. The meeting was very inspiring, the hospitality so warm and sincere—and no collection plate was passed.

We returned many times and soon started a study group in Riverside. It was the beginning of a long association with FUSLA, multiple associations with Urantia Brotherhood all over the United States and other countries, and deep spiritual experiences, with an expanding knowledge of the journey to eternity as road-mapped in the Urantia Book.

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