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How I Found the Urantia Book—ILA & LOREN HALL (1957)

IN 1957 my husband Loren and I were given a pamphlet by a naturopathic doctor who was treating our little boy who had contracted polio in 1949. The pamphlet advertised a UFO meeting near Mountain View, Missouri. UFOs were something we didn’t know much about so we decided to attend the three-day meeting scheduled for that June.

The next year we went again. At that meeting we listened to a talk given by a man from Minnesota who mentioned the Urantia Book, which he’d brought along. As we were loading up the car to start home, I said to Loren, “Wait for me. I just want to look through the books.” I went back and on a shelf I saw this big blue book—the Urantia Book.

I opened it to Paper 18, “The Universe of Universes.” How great it was reading about all the universes and the inhabited planets! I ran back to the car and told Loren that there was a book in there I wanted.

“How much is it?” he asked.

“Twelve dollars,” I told him.

“I don’t have that much money with me now,” he replied.

“Let me see if I can find the man who brought it,” I insisted, “because I have to have that book!” I went back and found him, and the man said he’d mail me the book when he again heard from me. It took me another month to persuade Loren that I really had to have that book!

Finally one day the book came in the mail. It was the greatest book I had ever possessed and the truths contained in it thrilled me. From the moment I first opened the Urantia Book at that meeting I knew it was true and I have never doubted it. Both of us have been so thankful ever since for that UFO meeting where I found the book. I believe we were meant to be there.

[Ila and Loren Hall were the backbone of early Urantia organizational activities in the greater Kansas City area, where they opened their home to regional gatherings and sponsored the first Kansas City study group, the Pathfinders.]

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