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How I Found the Urantia Book—GUS WALSTROM (1956)

SOME BOYS used to come to the canyon where we lived in Colorado to listen to some occult lectures on Sundays. As we were thirteen miles from Castle Rock and there was nowhere for them to get a meal, we would invite the boys to our house for dinner after the morning lecture. They were students at the University of Colorado at Boulder. They had visited the Urantia Book study group in Denver and were talking about it, and one Sunday in July 1956 Roger Darnell brought with him the Urantia Book all wrapped up like a box of candy.

I started reading it, and by the end of the year I had finished it. My wife Marie read it after I did, and then we asked Roger to bring three more books, which we soon sold. After that we started ordering the books in ten-book lots. A few of us later got together for a Urantia Book reading once a week. From then on we always kept some books.

Through the years we have distributed over seventy Urantia Books. Marie made heavy plastic covers for all the books to preserve the fly covers. Dear Marie, she is now on the mansion worlds.

[Gus Walstrom is now on the mansion worlds with "Dear Marie."]

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