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How I Found the Urantia Book—BERT SALYER (1956) 

I spent thirty years searching for answers to the riddle of life and death, through all the religions on this planet. In April, 1956, I attended an Oil Refiners convention in Chicago, at which time I had just completed a two-year home study course in Metaphysical Religious Science. It was not the answer and I felt all my books were obsolete. I was staying at the Palmer House, which is across the street from the Krochs-Brentanos book Store. During the noon hour I went across to the store, to the religious and philosophical section, looking for new books, but failed to find any new ones.

That afternoon, a refiner from Canada joined the convention. He told me he had come by way of Mayo’s in Rochester, seeking relief from bleeding stomach ulcers. I took him to the book store to find him some books that would give him peace of mind and help his physical condition. While discussing the various books in the religious section with him, a bystander overheard our conversation, introduced herself, and asked my opinion about a large blue book, called the Urantia Book, and placed it in my hand. I told her that I had never heard of the book nor seen it before, but on casual observation, I purchased a copy. I later found out I purchased the last of the first six copies that were placed on sale for copyright purposes, a pre-copyright edition.

After three weeks of perusal—night and day—I knew I was at the end of my search, I had found what I had been seeking all of my life. After having lived with the Book for the past eighteen months, I feel equally as much convinced that it is the complete answer to the longings of any mortal soul that will apply himself to its pages. After I had the Book about three months, I founded the New Age Christian Church, based on the Urantia Revelations. I believe this revelation is the complete answer to the neurotic conditions of the time.

Oklahoma City, January 29, 1958 

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