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harold & martha sherman
Articles and controversies
pdfForum Data and Apocrypha
Appendix of The Sherman Diaries, Vol. 2
The Forumites
compiled by Saskia Praamsma
pdfHow the Papers Came Through
Chapter 8 of Sherman Diaries, Vol. 2
The 1942 Petition
Presented to Dr. Sadler by 48 Forumites
pdfForum Days
from How I Found the Urantia Book
533 Diversey Parkway
compiled by Saskia Praamsma
pdfChildhood at the Forum
by Mark Kulieke (SGH, August 1993)
pdf"I Remember the Forum"
Early HIFTUB stories with pictures
pdf"Until We Meet Again"
Compiled by Saskia Praamsma
pdfPlan for the Urantia Book Revelation
by Carolyn B. Kendall 
Major Growth Steps in the Urantia Movement by Meredith Sprunger
How I Found the Urantia Book
Compiled by Saskia Praamsma
My Own HIFTUB Story
by Saskia Praamsma
The Split - A Blessing in Disguise
by Saskia Praamsma
What is the IUA?
Descriptions from two official sources
No Urantia Church - Not Yet!
by Saskia Praamsma
onlineA History of the Urantia Papers
by Larry Mullins
Open Letter to Larry Mullins
from Niann Emerson Chase (2003)
Three Histories
by Matthew Rapaport
pdfSeparate Publishing of Part IV
Is Harry McMullan breaking copyright laws?
pdfThe Jesus-A New Revelation Debate
Readers' pro and con viewpoints
A Box of Chocolates
by Phil Geiger
The Value of an Accurate History
by Saskia Praamsma
Harry J. Loose
Mysterious Forumite and Sherman mentor
Harold and Martha Sherman
and their relation to the Urantia work
Part One: Book Publishing
Sherman's 1942 suggestions for Dr. Sadler
Part Two: Organizations
Sherman's 1942 suggestions for Dr. Sadler
The ARA Messages (1941-42)
Sherman's TA communications
"Pipeline to God"—Chapter V of How To Know What to Believe by Harold Sherman
onlineRebuttal to "Pipeline to God"
Clyde Bedell's lengthy response
onlineResponse, "Pipeline"/HTKWTB
Meredith Sprunger's comments 
Editor's Note for Sherman Diaries
Saskia Praamsma
The Sherman Diaries
Editors, Saskia Praamsma, Matthew Block
pdf Letter from Ingo Swann
Friend of the Shermans shows appreciation
pdf Editorial, The Sherman Diaries
Review by Larry Mullins
Postscript to Urantia, The Great Cult Mystery Martin Gardner, 2008
Translation histories  
[English] The Italian Translation Project
[Italian] La Storia de Il Libro di Urantia
pdfJ.J. Benitez: J.J. The Baptist?
by Rosey Lieske and Olga Lopez
pdf Translations 2010
Urantia Foundation News
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The Forumites and Early Urantia Brotherhood
Sources: Sherman Diaries Volumes 1-5; Sherman 1942-47 lists of Forumites and Seventy membership; petition signers; How I Found the Urantia Book; Membership Book of First Urantia Society of Chicago; urantiabook.org's Marian Rowley's Photo Album; "Ticky" Harries; Mark Kulieke
Allen Mrs. Jennie K. Old Forumite, artist, spoke to HMS 10/18/42; died 4/15/61 SD Vol 2, p.262; FUSMB
Allwood Lister Brought in Clyde Bedell, 1924 HIFTUB p.1
BATES Marjorie Member 70 70 list
Baumgartner Elsie Sponsored by Florence Thuerk; died 11.25/70 SD Vols 2-5; FUSMB
Beattie Harry E. called "a true Alpheus twin" by Russell Bucklin SD Vol 2,. p.123
Bedell Clyde Brought in by Lister Allwood; attended first meeting last Sunday in September 1924 HIFTUB p.1;
SD Vol 2, p.262
Bedell C. Barrie Son of Clyde, joined during WWII HIFTUB p.6
Bedell Jeffrey Son of Clyde, joined 1951 HIFTUB p.6
Bedell Florence Wife of Clyde, attended second meeting with him in 1924; died 6/28/79 HIFTUB p.1
Bernard Rhoda   TH
Boike [Penn] Mary Sadler proofreader, looked for room in Cambridge 11/10/42 SD Vol 2. p.313
Born Edith J.    
Born Alfred C.    
Bowman Clarence    
Bowman Virginia Wife of Clarence Bowman  
Bowman Larry Son of Clarence and Virginia. Joined 1954 @ 7/1/12
Brown Caroline Brought in by Kate Douglas; sister of Lu Steinbeck and Grace Palmer  
Bucklin Russell Member since c. 1938  
Bucklin Mildred Wife of Russell  
Bucklin [Manjarrez] Winifred Daughter of Russell & Mildred Bucklin  
Burton Robert (Bob) Brought in by Caroline Brown, 1921  
Burton Ruth Teacher; brought in by Bob Burton; met and married in the Forum  
Burton Bernard (Barney) Son of Bob Burton  
Carothers Ruth    
Case Dr. James Dr. Sadler's partner  
Christensen Emma (Christy) Involved since 1921; contact commissioner  
Clemens Mrs.   SD Vol 5, p.45
Colbert R.    
Cook Edith Read paper to Forum 10/18/42 SD Vol 2
Cook Agatha Early Forum member  
Copenhaver Phillip, Sr.    
Copenhaver Mrs. Phillip    
Copenhaver Philip Jr.    
Copenhaver Benjamin    
Cree Miss    
Cree Dr.    
Crumbaugh Mr. Commented on "Eternity & I" 11/42 SD Vol 2 p. 326
Cunningham Hazel Daughter of Edmond Kulieke Sr  
Davis Dr. Merrill Husband of Dr. Sadler's cousin Josephine; Marion IN; friends of Shermans since 1921 SD Vol 1
Davis Josephine Cousin of Dr. Sadler; sponsored Shermans for Forum membership 1941 SD Vol 1
Dawson Mr.    
Dougherty A.A.    
Dougherty Mrs. A.A.    
Douglas Kate Early member; nicknamed "Krinkie"  
DU VAL Olga Died 1979 PervSp Vol 2 No4
Dyon Al Early member; with Pritchards "old standbys"  
Dyon Charlotte Wife of Al Dyon; died 12/4/48 following abdominal surgery  
Dyon Jane Daughter of Al & Charlotte (not officially a member: @Larry Bowman)  
Early [Fenderson] Julia Member since 1939; contacted Dr. Sadler after hearing him speak at Methodist church  
Elm Dorothy Mother of Bud Kagan, later reader and friend of Bill Sadler Jr  
Elm Mr. Husband of Dorothy  
Evans Avice    
Evans Luther Brother of Florence Bedell  
Evans Mrs. Luther Wife of Luther Evans  
Evans Nola    
Fairfield Almond Joined 1943; stepbrother of Rachel Fairfield Gusler  
Farwell Edna    
Farwell Everett    
Fenderson Bill Husband of Julia Early; met and married in CA prior to book publication  
Fields Mrs. Charter member before 1923, brought in by Dr. Lena both member Business Women's Presbyterian Club SD Vol 3, p. 325
Githens Elizabeth B. Christian Science Practitioner; last to remove name from Petition; died 9/24/1950  
GOLLNICK H.C. Member of 70; 70 list
Gollnick Naomi Wife of Paul Gollnick  
Gollnick Paul Later West Coast Urantia Society; died 8/26/72  
Green Minnie Christy's sister  
Guessefeld H. Sponsored by Mr. Kulieke Sr.; correspondence with HMS via E. Baumgartner 1952 SD Vol 4
Gusler Carl Husband of Rachel Gusler; dinner with Shermans 11/1/42; funeral 12/5/42 SD Vol 2
Gusler Louis Son of Carl & Rachel Gusler  
Gusler Phillip Son of Carl & Rachel Gusler  
Gusler Rachel "Admitted by midwayers" 1935; good friend of Shermans  
Hales Carrie Pre-Forumite; wife of G.W.; wealthy Sadler patient; died c. 6/1949  
Hales G. Willard Pre-Forumite; husband of Carrie  
Hales John Willard Grandson of G.W.  
Hales Mary Lou Wife of William C.  
Hales William C. Son of G.W.  
Harrah William F. From Niles MI; dinner on porch with Sadlers/Shermans, 1942 Picnic SD Vol 2
Harrington Miss Forum member; Sadler secretary; sent postcard to Shermans 9/21/42 SD Vol 2, p. 227
Harrison Miss same as Harrington?  
Hicks Betty Sister of Clyde Bedell; wife of Jim Hicks  
Hicks James (Jim) Husband of Betty Bedell Hicks; divorced; died 3/1950  
Hill Edward Came up to Shermans after blow-up 8/24/42; moved to Florida SD Vol 2
Hill Mrs. Jessie Joined 1927; brought in Elizabeth James; Milwaukee; Fostoria OH; died 1952  
Hoffman Mildred Lived with Burtons; at Mrs. Palmer's dinner party ; retired schoolteacher; neurotic background SD Vol 2. p. 327
James Elizabeth Late 1920s; brought in by Jessie Hill, Fred & Alice Leverenz; 70 member HIFTUB p. 5
James Grace    
James Mary Wife of William HIFTUB p. 4
James William Son of Elizabeth HIFTUB p. 4
James Wesley R. Grandson of Elizabeth HIFTUB p. 4
James Wesley John Son of Elizabeth, brother of William HIFTUB p. 5
Jewell Winona Moved to AZ with Arlie Riddleberger  
Jones [Harries] Katharine ("Ticky") Daughter of Lee Miller Jones; joined c. late 1940s HIFTUB p. 7-10
Jones Lee Miller Joined 1932; brought in by Leverenzes HIFTUB p. 7-10
Jones Katharine Lea Yarnell Wife of Lee Miller Jones; mother of "Ticky" Harries HIFTUB p. 7-10
Jones Mazie    
Karle Ima May Daughter of Dent and Elsie Karle; in Forum 10/18/1942 SD Vol 2 p.262
Karle Dent Committed suicide  
Karle Elsie Wife of Dent Karle  
Kellogg Anna Contact commissioner; wife of Wilfred; sister of Dr. Lena Sadler  
Kellogg [Pitchard] Ruth Daughter of Wilfred & Anna Kellogg, died 2/18/44 SD Vol 4 p.33
Kellogg Wilfred Contact commissioner; husband of Anna Kellogg  
KEMPER Miss Signed petition petition list
Kendall Tom Husband of Carolyn Kendall  
Kendall Carolyn Daughter of Clarence Bowman  
Kobiella Ben Son-in-law of the Shermans, husband of Mary Sherman  
Kramer H.E. Dr. Sadler read of his demise [Forum session 10/3/1943] SD Vol 3 p.300
Kulieke Alvin Son of Edmond Sr  
Kulieke Charles Son of Fred.  
Kulieke Edmond F.J. Sr
Since 1936; learned of Urantia through brother Fred; husband of Minnie  
Kulieke Frank C. Brother of Edmond Sr?  
Kulieke Fred Brought in through Ernest Pritchard & Ruth Burton; brother of Edmond Sr  
Kulieke [Crock] Minnie Wife of Edmond Sr  
Kulieke Warren Son of Edmond Sr  
Leverenz Alfred Son of Fred  
Leverenz Alice Wife of Fred  
Leverenz Fred Early member; husband of Alice  
Lockwood Lois    
Loose Emily Wife of Harry Loose  
Loose Harry J. Early member via Dr. Sadler; Chicago detective  
Loose Josie Daughter of Harry and Emily Loose  
Luce Mary E.    
Mattern H.C. Brought in through Shermans 1942; husband of Mary  
Mattern Mary Wife of H.C.  
Miller Veronica Joined 1946; sponsored by Miss Allen; Catholic  
Olsen [Kulieke] Lucille Wife of Alvin Kulieke  
Otis Mrs. Friend of Pritchards; former ballet dancer  
Palmer [Hoiles] Grace B. Sister of Caroline Brown and Lu Steinbeck [died September 1984] SD VOLS 1-5; FUSMB
Pettie Hawthorne Shermans encountered later in Little Rock AR  
Petty Arch "Old beau of Christy's"; attended Open Discussion meeting  
Pitchard Gerald P. Joined 1943; widower of Ruth Kellogg  
Prin Captain One of the first Forum members  
Pritchard Ernest Read paper to Forum 11/22/42; dinner with Shermans at Burtons SD Vol 4 p.344
Pritchard Louise Wife of Ernest Pritchard; died December 15, 1982 FUSMB
Rawson Rev. Charles Sadler patient, had nervous breakdown; radio preacher  
Rawson Anna Wife of Rev. Rawson  
Reed Mrs.    
Renn Ruth Joined 1925; patient of Dr. Sadler; died 1996 [?] HIFTUB p. 2
Renn Roy Husband of Ruth Renn; died 12/23/1950 in Evanston HIFTUB p. 3
Riddleberger Miss Arlie Moved to Tuscon AZ with Winona Jewell  
Richards Harriet C. Died prior to September 14, 1972 FUSMB
Rowley Marian    
Rowley Harry E.    
Rowley Donna R.    
Sadler Dr. Lena Contact commissioner; wife of Dr. William S. Sadler; died 8/1939  
Sadler Leone Wife of Bill Sadler  
Sadler Dr. William S. Custodian; contact commissioner; died 1969  
Sadler William (Bill) Jr Contact commissioner; son of Drs. William & Lena Sadler; died 11/23/1963  
Sadler [Mundelius] Patricia Daughter of Bill & Leone Sadler; died 2008  
Schell Herman Died 3/22/80 FUSMB
Sherman Harold Joined 1941; brought in by Jo Davis/Harry Loose  
Sherman Martha Wife of Harold Sherman  
Sherman [Kobiella] Mary Joined 1943; daughter of Harold & Martha Sherman; wife of Ben Kobiella  
Squires Fred    
Squires Mrs. Fred    
STAFFORD Webster Joined 1952  
Steen O. Curtis    
Steen Helen    
Steinbeck Erle Husband of Lu Steinbeck  
Steinbeck Lulu Sister of Caroline Brown and Grace Palmer; died 11/18/1965 FUSMB
Stephens Kenton    
Stephens Edgar Husband of Grace  
Stephens [Kulieke] Grace Daughter of Edmond Sr.; died 1/11/81 FUSMB
Swanson [Miller] Henrietta Forum member; called 9/21/42 offering to rent house to Shermans; died 1/25/62 SD Vol 2 p.227; FUSMB
Thuerk Florence Sponsored Elsie Baumgartner; moved to CA  
Thurman Helen C. Leone Sadler's sister  
Thurston Howard Magician; called in by Sadler to offer explanation  
Trask Marjorie    
Trent Catharine Joined 1937; approached HMS for help 10/18/42  
Uhlemann R.J.    
Uhlemann Mrs. Lily    
Van Dorn Mr. Male nurse, met Dr. Sadler at Battle Creek Sanitarium; joined him in practice in Chicago, when Sadler HQ was on Randolph SD Vol 3 p.301
Van Dorn Mrs. Shook HMS's hand after Forum SD Vol 2 p.223
Vincent Eva "Old standy"; sometimes sits at the front desk; died 3/23/79 FUSMB
Vlasto Marie [Marea] Miss Douglas's friend; English teacher; died September 14, 1948  
Walker [Kolze] Grace Joined 1945; patient Dr. of Sadler HIFTUB p.3
Ward Alma From Michigan  
Webb Blanche Approached Shermans 10/18.1942; requested "Eternity & I" SD Vol 2 p.262
Wideroe Tom E. Read Paper 3 to Forum 9/27/42 SD Vol 2 p.233
Wideroe Mrs. Tom Wife of Tom Wideroe; makes hooked rugs  
Wilkins Sir Hubert Joined 1942; brought in by Harold Sherman  
Williams Ann E.    
Williams Ethel "Little Miss Williams"  
Willis Maud    
Wilson Herschell Joined 1942; relative of Jo Davis and Dr. Sadler  
Yarnall Henrietta Lea "Dearie" Mother of Katharine Lee Yarnall Jones TH