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from Niánn Emerson Chase
February 7, 2003

From Aquarian Concepts Community:

As Co-Founder of Aquarian Concepts Community I want to openly address some of Larry Mullins' comments in his "open" letter to Saskia and clarify a few misunderstandings about us in Aquarian Concepts Community and Gabriel of Sedona. I do not read the Internet "chat" between readers of The URANTIA Book, but statements made about Aquarian Concepts Community or any member are usually brought to my attention. Generally, none of us respond to the comments.

In a letter dated May 30, 2002 to Mr. Mullins I stated that several members of Aquarian Concepts Community and I enjoyed reading his book, A History of the Urantia Papers, which is available in our community's library, along with a collection of many other books and materials related to The URANTIA Book, including some of Dr. William Sadler's and Bill Sadler, Jr.'s publications; Martin Gardner's book, Urantia, the Great Cult Mystery; and Ernest P. Moyer's The Birth of a Divine Revelation. For several years many of us in this community have enjoyed the Spiritual Fellowship Journal that was founded by Meredith Sprunger and of which Mr. Mullins is now editor. I also said in my letter to Mr. Mullins, "Many in Aquarian Concepts Community join me in recognition and appreciation of you and your associates' dedication to disseminating the teachings of the fifth epochal revelation. May you continue to be blessed in your personal ascension and in your ministry."

Note that I referred to The URANTIA Book as "the fifth epochal revelation," for that is what Gabriel of Sedona, I, and those of Aquarian Concepts Community believe. I realize that many readers of The URANTIA Book cannot comprehend that we of Aquarian Concepts Community are indeed united with you in our genuine love for and belief in the authenticity of The URANTIA Book as an epochal revelation, since we also study the Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (CFER), which we believe to be an expansion of URANTIA Book teachings. We do not see CFER contradicting some of the teachings in the fifth epochal revelation; rather, we see CFER adding to, complementing, and building on the truths in The URANTIA Book.

While reading Martin Gardner's book, I realized that he was the deceiver, not Dr. Sadler. I experienced a similar realization when I read Brad Gooch's chapter on The URANTIA Book in his recently published book, Godtalk: Travels in Spiritual America. Mr. Gooch supposedly came to the conclusion (after visiting the Urantia Foundation, attending various study groups around the country, and talking extensively with Martin Gardner and Matthew Block) that Dr. Sadler had written The URANTIA Book himself. I find that conclusion simply ridiculous, but in my opinion Mr. Gooch's frame of reference is very limited. (I met and talked with Mr. Gooch several years ago and realized then that he had a particular bias that he was very attached to.) I was not at all surprised at Mr. Gooch's description of the people he observed while attending study groups in Chicago at the Urantia Foundation headquarters and in New York City. I believe that some of those people probably have had some powerful personal spiritual experiences as a result of The URANTIA Book, and I find it offensive that Mr. Gooch, very cleverly in his writing, diminished them and their experiences of the fifth epochal revelation, as well as the revelation itself.

I've looked at a little of Matthew Block's work and find it quite interesting and not at all troubling. I don't know if Mr. Block thinks Dr. Sadler wrote The URANTIA Book, or if the contact commission plagiarized some human material, or if using human sources compromises the book. I personally don't see plagiarism or any compromising of the epochal revelation. I just see Mr. Block's work validating what the revelators tell us that they used human sources as much as they could.

I haven't yet read Ernest Moyer's book, The Birth of a Divine Revelation: The Origin of the Urantia Papers. I have read some of Mr. Moyer's writings, and though I don't always agree with his ideas, I haven't observed him claiming that The Urantia Book is not a revelation.

Is it possible, Mr. Mullins, that many people, whose interpretations you disagree with concerning The URANTIA Book and the process of it becoming available for the public, are simply trying to understand these wonderful teachings and their significance for them personally and for the world?

In addition, Mr. Mullins, I have to correct your inclusion of Gabriel of Sedona in a list of people who you accuse as having at the root of their work "relentless Sadler-bashing." The root of the work of Aquarian Concepts Community is the epochal revelation found in The URANTIA Book and CFER, not "relentless Sadler-bashing" as you so adamantly state. Gabriel of Sedona has never accused Dr. Sadler of being a "charlatan," a "fraud," a "con-artist," or a "dishonorable pretender." What we of Aquarian Concepts Community do think is that the revelatory commission discovered that Dr. Sadler had some very fixed ideas that he did not want to change. He and some of his colleagues simply were not willing for certain information to be included in the finalized papers, so, this being a cooperative effort between celestials and humans, the revelatory commission allowed the information to be left out. (After all, no revelation is complete.) That information is now in CFER. (Some of that information covers repersonalization that has to do with interuniversal realities, not Nebadon soul ascension. Repersonalization is not reincarnation.)

This does not make Dr. Sadler a deceiver. We of Aquarian Concepts Community think that Dr. Sadler did what he was mandated to do and was diligent in his dedication and loyalty to the revelatory commission and the revelation. We do believe he could have possibly done a little more if he had been more open and receptive to some ideas that challenged his personal beliefs. Nonetheless, the people of this planet are blessed with the great gift of The URANTIA Book, the fifth epochal revelation, as a result of Dr. Sadler's wonderful work.

Concerning your comments, Mr. Mullins, on the meaning of fundamentalism, as with all reality, there are many ways to look at meanings and values and experiences. I use the word fundamentalism in a much broader manner. There are fundamentalists within every area of religion, every area of science, every area of art, every area of agriculture, every area of politics, etc. Fundamentalists are those people who are so narrow in their interpretation of reality that they cannot budge from their crystallized beliefs in order to expand in their understanding of something or even drop some ideas that may not be realistic at all. For example, fundamentalistic Bible readers won't even consider the possibility of human life evolving over hundreds of thousands of years. Fundamentalists, whether secular or religious, won't accept The URANTIA Book which challenges their established beliefs. Fundamentalists didn't accept the fourth epochal revelation and so on.
As some of us know, those persons of less-advanced understanding will not be able to correctly assess others of a more expanded/higher perspective.

I wish all of you success in your endeavors to be in God's will.
--Niánn Emerson Chase